Saturday, May 17, 2008

What a year so far!

2008 hasn't been 100% happy happy joy joy with a side of thank you God, but it's sure turning out to be one of the better years of my life.

Yesterday something wonderful happened and I got so overwhelmed I had to cry. Okay, I'm going to summer school during the summer 1 and summer 2 sessions. Ever since I've started back I've had to pay the tuition for summer school out of pocket. I knew how much this summer would cost me and budgeted my money so I could pay the grand plus in full yesterday. If you didn't pay by the 19th, this coming Monday, you'd get dropped from your classes. So anyway, I leave work early enough so I could go to campus, buy my book, pay my tuition, and make it to Pooka's school for the conference. Everything went smooth till I got to the bursars office. I walked up to the lady and tell her I was there to pay my tuition. She asked me for my ID number and after I gave it to her she went to clicking and stopped.

"You don't have a balance"

"Uhhhhhhhhhhh yes I do, it should be about *insert grand plus figure*"

"Hold on." She clicked on her keyboard some more. "No, you have a negative balance and are due a refund."

I'm not hearing it. Not to stereotype HBCU's, but if I went on what she said I would have walked out the bursars office thinking I was all good then when I went to class Tuesday my name would not be on the class roster cuz they dropped me for non payment. Then I would have trekked halfway cross campus and had to have gotten angry fat black woman on the bursars office for messing me up. So I did not believe her. She told me to go to student accounting and see whats going on. I go upstairs and there are 2 ladies in the waiting area with paper work in their hands. I put my name on the sign in sheet and have a seat.

I look around and there is one lady,separated from the lobby by a glass cubicle partition, clearly enjoying a personal call and there are 2 coworkers down a hall chit chatting about everything but student accounting. It's about 3:35 and I had to be back in Raleigh by 4. If everything went to plan I was supposed to be back on the hwy and on time for the conference. I wasn't gonna leave cuz I needed this issue cleared up now while I was on campus and coming back on Monday just wasn't happening. So my body language dictated my lack of appreciation of them wasting my time and me being in a hurry. The lady who was on the phone hung up. I assume she realized what was going on and started to help. I told the lady I had a quick question that needed to be answered. She told me to come on the other side of the glass. The other 2 girls in the lobby with the packets had to see someone in particular so I wasn't jumping the order.

I relay what happened downstairs to the chick that was on the phone, she asked me for my ID number, then went to clicking. She tells me what the lady downstairs did. I still don't go for it and she tells me to come around so I could see her computer screen. She showed me that I got 2 grants (Pell and S something something more alphabets) and spelled everything out for me. OMG! Why don't I get some kind of notification of these things????? Once I became a believer and realized that both my summer sessions were paid for AND that I'd be getting a nice chunk of change from the school that I don't have to pay back the tears started building behind my eyes. With all that's been happening with me lately this tid bit of info was just too overwhelming and I didn't know what to do.

As fast as I could I had to get out of the building. I just felt the break down moment coming and the less people that saw me the better. I manage to get out the building and call my mother, who called me at work earlier that morning to see if I needed help with summer school. I wasn't thinking st8 cuz after I got the voicemail I remembered she was at work. While trekking back to the van and I had to call somebody. I called Snookums next. I told him what happened, started the moment, got myself together, got to the van, hung up and proceeded to burn the road up. Every radio station had on commercials but one...the gospel station...*sigh* the moment just took over and I'm flying down the highway crying my eyes out. I get to the school, try to get my eyes right, get in momma mode, and meet with the teacher. Soon as I saw her, her face asked what's wrong and before she could say it, I told her I was having a tearfully good day.

The conference itself was cool.

Went to the store, picked up odd and ends, went home, and got ready for Lsbnmom and the kids to come by. I'm getting better, yet not with this hosting thing. I feel slightly more comfortable doing it, but Lsbnmom and the kids aren't really considered guest anymore. I mean if she wants something to drink I'm cool with her going to the cabinet, getting a cup, opening the fridge, and pouring herself something to drink! I told Snookums that he isn't a guest in my home anymore either so he should no longer expect me to treat him as such. All this is kinda cool, yah know having people feel at home in my place and me not feeling bad cuz there are dishes in the sink or dirty clothes on the floor by the washing machine. Cool indeed.

Today I plan to slave out in the strawberry fields yet again. What I picked last time was hardly enough so I'm going to try and slave out a good bucket full this go around. We'll see.

Tomorrow Pooka and I are supposed to to go to a baseball game but I got the feeling that's not going to happen, well at least the way it was supposed to. The parent who said she'd be getting the tickets is lagging behind. I've got up with her everyday since we decided we were all going to go together and asked what was going on. Her answer always was that she didn't do nothing yet and she'd get back to me. After I texted her yesterday morning I decided I wasn't going to contact her anymore about it. I am considering going anyway, with or without the other parents and the kids. Haven't made my mind up.

Well, let me do my work so I can get outta here!


Freaky Deaky said...

You're going to turn into a strawberry mark my words.

Can I have a PlayStation3? Please? I'll be your best friend. Share the abundance. Freaky Deaky 1:23 says sharing is caring. Show that you care and you'll be rewarded. With what you ask? My friendship you silly goose!

Congratulations on the grants.

I hate when you have to constantly remind people about things they said they were going to do and wanted to do. I'd go to the game anyway. Chances are she'll throw something together last minute or call you all late asking you what's up? She sounds like the type I wouldn't make concrete plans with?

Did Pooka tap dat booty some more on the Wii? I bet she did. I'd ask if you were walking funny but I'm sure you've gotten used to those spankings by now. LOL :oD

Teezie said...

You go girl! Much congrats. You deserve to treat yourself! Get something big for a change! LOL

Hit me up when you get a chance......

Ladynay said...

Strawberries are delicious so I won't mind :-)

Sharing is caring indeed so buy me a PSP. If you go to the next book, the book of Ladynay, chapter 3 verse 18 you can read all about it!


I'm still debating on going.

Pooka broke 200 in bowling last night! I'm not going to talk about it...*smh*

TZ, I brought a CAR!!! Don't wanna get much bigger than that! LOL

blkbutterfly said...

Congratulations! that truly is blessing. now, uhm, can i hold about $150? lol... it never hurts to ask.

have fun berry picking!

Ladynay said...

Thanks you know my friends? LOL!

I think something in those berry fields don't agree with my body, but we had fun.

Ladynay said...

The book writer is back :=(

Freaky Deaky said...

I finally got hit by that religious nutjob bookwriter. Looks like he/she/it/whatever made the rounds last night. I blocked his I.P. address. I have to see how troublesome it would be and the procedure to report him to his ISP.

He/she/it/whatever should do everyone a favor and commit suicide.

AR Gal said...

I got hit by the religious dude too! Damn, lol

You are having the longest stroke of good luck I think I've ever seen! I can't wait to see what wonderful news you have to share next! Keep it always makes me smile to hear about great people having great things happen to them.

Ladynay said...

Yeah it's back Freaky:-( I think it takes all that time inbetween drive by posting to write all that mess! I wonder if they think people read all of that? *smh*

ARgal, 2008 has definitely been good to me thus far. As long as good luck wants to take over, I'm down for the ride!

Monique said...

Oh that's wonderful news on school being paid. Good for you. Girl, blessings are raining down on you...