Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Obama left me another automated message and so did a volunteer from the Raleigh office.

Clinton don't care so she never bothered to call or have her people do it for her.

Just heard of Mike Gravel so I can't talk about him.

Got my fresh oval "I voted" sticker on. Why do I always wear this sticker with pride and hope that many people see it?

Didn't get to talk about my weekend. Long story short. Friday I hung out with some new people. For the first time ever I saw wine come out of a box. It didn't taste bad at all. One lady kept saying SA-ter-rin when referencing the Saturn make of vehicles. Cracked me up on the inside every time she said it, which was often. Some bad assed little girl helped knock Pooka's wiggling tooth 95% out. It bled pretty bad leaving droplets on the chicks carpet. The little girls momma got in her ass, I got the blood up, and the tooth was out the next morning. It was barely holding on to anything so I finished the job. I am not going to spend this entry talking about this girl but before her mom, sister, and sisters friend showed up, I was warned of this little girl. They told me a few stories but the most OMG one was that the last time when she was around she set the bathroom trashcan on fire! Crazy! Then after telling me about this girl another mother went to tell her son and another older boy that they would be in charge when the girl got there. Why the boys decline and ask if she could stay outside on the deck with the grown ups? There's something to be said when a little kid don't want to be in charge! LOL! Anywho, overall a good time was had and I can see me hanging with them again, minus Satan's daughter.

Saturday Pooka and I met up with Lsbnmom, Kellz, and T for dinner at Texas Roadhouse. Long story short. We laughed alot, we talked alot, and we all had our share of margaritas. It was prom time so we saw quite a few couples dressed up. Why would you take your prom date to Texas Roadhouse is beyond me, but whatever! LOL The party was over once T noticed a roach crawling. Ummmmm ewwwww! It was seen way after we had ate and paid for our meals. So once the manager was made aware of the extra guest we went to club Tar je (target) and closed it down. That's how we roll ;-)

Today I am having lunch here http://carolinacc.net/ I really don't want to go, but I will.

Pooka and I played our Wii for the first time last night. After she kicked my butt in bowling I didn't want to play anymore! ROFL! Pooka is addicted and she is close to becoming pro all freakin' ready! The rematch is tonight! Better believe it! I won't stand for getting beat by a six year old! I just won't do it!

I'm 6 days late on the monthly theme. This month, the topic is physical fights! I haven't been in a real rock'em sock'em fight before but I have been hit and have hit with the intentions of teaching a lesson. The preference is fist fighting but if you only got down with weapons so be it. The story can be about you getting beat up or you taking it to someone, but it has to be physical. Get it? Got it? Good!


Darius T. Williams said...

Ohhh a Wii - I want one. I think I'm going to get one. I've heard so many great stories about it.

Ladynay said...

So far I don't have anything bad to say about it, but then again I only played for like 10 minutes! My child adores it! LOL

Freaky Deaky said...

BWAHAHAHAHA! Does your booty hurt from getting whooped by a six year old? It's okay, I'm sure it does. :oD Let me know when she gets to baseball. Maybe she can teach me how to hit the slider and the splitter neither of which I can decent hit off very often. :o(

I always forget to put on my "I voted" sticker. I usually find it a week or two later in my pocket all folded up and sorry looking.

I don't understand why parents let their little demon seeds act like that over someone else's house. Pooka should've unleashed the power of her pimp hand upside the little chick's head.

I guess she pronounces Pluto Paluto, huh? Quit making fun of country people, that's my job.

Maybe that roach just liked the company and wanted to hang out with you and your friends. After all you probably ate some of her kids in your food so she wanted to know if they were cooked properly.

kasandra said...


Ladynay said...

Freaky, we may try baseball tonight. I ignoring everyelse else you said about the Wii stuff. LOL

I put my on soon as I get it.

She should have! I already know Pooka can get physical when she wants so I don't know why she didn't pounce on her! Maybe cuz the girl was much smaller than she *shrug*

I totally forgot to mention the friend of Satan's childs older sister...the girl is 9 or 10 years old right...had on this tank top right...and what was on her non existant titty? One of those temporary tattoos you get out of a cereal box or something like that! Can we say OMG! The older sister had hers on her cheek, which is normal, but on the titty? THE TITTY!!!???!!!

I can't make fun of people with accents so the job is all yours! LOL

Ummmm gross!

Kasandra, okay!

Omar Ramon said...

ew roaches, aww pooka, ouch fights!

miss u girl!

Ladynay said...


See this is the part when I'd run to you in slow motion and give you a hug! :-D

LovelyBella73 said...

The Wii is the bomb. I've gotten so sore from playing bowling and tennis until 4am.

I love that thing!! and shame on Hilliary for not calling.

Ladynay said...

Till 4 in the morning? Yeah you sound addicted too! HAHAHA!

Shame on Hillary indeed! Even more shame on Gravel for not putting up a sign, doing a commercial or anything! My coworkers have talked all day about how they went to the polls and was stunned to see a 3rd name on the ballot! LOL! Me included!

AR Gal said...

Reading about that lil bad ass girl made me think about a Strawberry Letter I heard on the Steve Harvey morning show last week about some bad lil boy. Why can't folks control their chi'rens anymore? Glad to hear lil miss pooka came out of the ordeal okay.

OMG, I SO have a story for the theme. Let me see if I can get it together to post. lol

YoungBlack&DL said...

I don't care what you say, those automatic messages, might have been the reason Obama won your state.

I love my "I voted" sticker too. It does give you a sense of pride. I still have my primary election sticker from this year and a one from last year, for some election. I save then on the door of my glove compartment, because the Chick-fa-le( I know it's not spell right), in my area gives out free chicken sandwiches for everyone, who shows and gives their sticker, on presidential election years. Am I wrong that I will be getting three free chicken sandwiches, this year?
I'm always thinking.

That must have been a little white girl. I can't imagine some little black girl setting fire to a trash can, without thinking, I'm going to get my ashy behind beat!

Box of wine, huh? This weekend I was in CVS, a a lady was in line to buy a box of wine, so classy, huh?

Even though it's Prom night they are still in high school. Some are still on a budget, and some don't know anything better. you have some guys who take their dates to places like Ruth Chris, Magianos, or P.F.Changs, but some not so much. When I was in high school some people thought as long as it was CiCi pizza was a good place to take your prom date.

I know to this day, some people who think that real fine dining is Applebees. I would have definetely have gotten a refund or a free whatever out of them, for that roach fiasco. I don't care how many margaritas I had.

I'm confused am I suppose to tell on here my physical fight story or on my blog?

I've been reading your blog and I don't remember last months.

JayBee said...

never tried that place. maybe i'll hit them up next time i'm in raleigh. that little girl's mama needs to get her in subjection. i hate when people let their kids run wild. jeremy cronin. 7th grade. i bet he didn't expect that. wonder if he thinks about me (getting his azz whooped) ever? my only "belt".

Ladynay said...

Argal, I don't know why some parents lack control. I am glad all she did was help a loose tooth on her way out her mouth. I have no clue what I would have done had her mouth been bleeding for any other reason!

Uh oh! Can't wait to read it!

YB&DL, I wish our restaurants did something like that! I'd be collecting me some stickers and free whatevers! LOL!

Satan's child is black, sorry! When she first came in the place I looked at her itty bitty frame and was like "this can't be the girl they was talking about" until she went plum crazy and saw for myself.

Boxed wine doesn't taste that bad. Cheaper drinks will get you twisted, don't sleep! LOL

Yeah you right, most high schoolers work for min. wage if anywhere but still I'd rather go to Applebee's for prom than TX roadhouse! Having my heels crunch on peanut shells isn't cute.

YB&DL, you post your story on your blog. Last month it was memorable kisses. You can still share your kiss story if you want to.

I don't think the TX Roadhouse is in Raleigh, just don't go to the one in Durham. LOL! The little girls mother needs to find something that will get her in check cuz the older she gets without a solution to the issue the worse it may become. Tell us about Jeremy in a blog entry. From start to finish.