Monday, July 28, 2008

You asked, so I'm telling part 1

Not that I received THAT many questions to break it down into parts, but I don't think I have the time at work to answer everything without giving more than a short answer. Let's start with the ?'s I got through the email....

These are from a lurker of mine who's been down with me for about 2 years or so and (STILL) hasn't made a comment on my blog. What's that all about? LOL! I mean I get this email with questions and I'm like...Thanks, who are you? LOL! I laughed about it for a good while!

Erykah Badu will soon have her third child by her third baby daddy. Do you have any feelings about persons having multiple babydaddy\mamas? Well considering the fact that if I was to have any additional children they would be by someone other than Pooka's father, I can't really bash them. However, I do feel that having multiple children by multiple people sheds a negative light upon people. I look at the young people on talk shows like Maury who have all these kids by everyone in the neighborhood and I think they are crazy!

If you meet someone with three children does your mind ever wonder how many mothers/fathers their children have? If the kids do not favor one another I may wonder if they were made by the same person. Other than that, I just assume they are from the same person until somebody says something different.

Would you ask such a person if they have multiple babydaddy/mommas? If one is light toned with fine curly hair and the other is dark toned with thick course hair or some other type of visual appearance difference, I may ask someone if both/all the children were hers. More often than not they would share that they were not made by the same people.

Kasandra asked:

1) What happened with the split of you and baby daddy? Long story short, he cheated consistently. I had enough. I left. I mean how many of your female "friends" have to confess to you about their encounters with your fiance before you take the rose colored glasses off for good?

2) Are you and Snookums gonna get hitched? How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop? The world may never know. LOL! But on the real, deep down I don't know if he wants to get married to anyone period. Which kinda makes me wonder how deep I should allow myself to get. I definitely don't want to be one of those people who have been dating for 5 years then engaged for another 10 years! Oh hell nah! Time tells all. We'll see what happens.

3) At this point in life, do you want anymore children? If no, then why. After I get this school and career stuff st8 I would love to have more. I want to be living in a house where he/she/they would have there own room and I am making enough to feed everyone and pay daycare fees. When having a child there is no guarantee that the father will be around to help and I am not the one to give my child up for adoption, so I have to be in a situation where I could handle raising multiple kids on my own. I know you shouldn't think of it that way but I'm already a single mother and I know shit happens.

4) What made you interested in PT school? Do you have loans or did you go for free? If you are going for free, can you show me how you did it.
At first I wanted to be an athletic trainer, but that required you to be on campus all day darn near everyday. PT's do more, make more, and require less undergrad hours on campus. Most of my college education has been paid by scholarships and grants. The last few semesters I got greedy and took out loans so I could get a bigger refund check and pay for some personal things. To be honest with you, I really don't do anything but fill out my fafsa the same day I file my taxes and wait to see what the school gives me. I wish there was more of a guideline I could share :-(

Freaky Deaky asked:

1. How many pairs of thongs do you own? Red, white, blue, black, and pink...that makes 5!

2. Can I get some pictures of you wearing them? Pics of that nature are reserved for my boyfriend...sorry! Besides, you don't wanna see allllllllllla dis here. You ain't ready! LOL!

3. What are some things that make you feel sexy? Hmmmmmm. Kissing, a new outfit, fresh maintenance on my locks, and outfit that flatters, a soft caress, mani/pedicures, bubble baths, heels (even tho' I don't wear heels often), good grades (shut up when I feel smart I feel sexy), compliments, an admiring look, ummmm I am sure there's more but that's off top of the head.

4. If you had to leave NC for whatever reason where would you want to move to? Somewhere where there were no earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, or any kind of extreme weather on the regular. That partially why I like NC and where I live. Yeah, we have hurricanes and by the hilly nature of where I live there is flooding from time to time, but Raleigh is so far inland we don't get hit by hurricanes like the coast does and since I live on top of a hill I am hardly affected by flooding. So yeah, anywhere that doesn't get hit by extreme weather much. I can't give you specifics cuz I don't have any.

5. Do you have any stingy foods (foods that you refuse to share under normal circumstances)?
If so what are they? Sure, hagan daaz coffee ice cream. I may share a spoonful or 2 with Pooka, but that's about it! LOL!

6. How many kids do you want? As many I can comfortably take care of.

7. What do you think about lurkers? I don't understand the constant lurker. I get that from time to time folks don't have anything to say, but eventually they should have something worth saying. Even if it's "Happy Birthday" *hints to constant lurkers*

8. How many bloggers have you met? What bloggers would you like to meet and why? Have you had a crush on any bloggers? Name some. Wow, ummm instead of giving you a number I'll just say I've met my fair share of bloggers. I would like to meet anyone down for meeting me. But since you want names and reasons here's a few. You cuz you are mysterious, DNT cuz she seems so nice, Kasandra cuz she seems cool as hell, Blkbutterfly cuz I am curious to see how much her blog doesn't show of her, Young Black and DL cuz I feel he'd show me a good time and I'd laugh alot, Hassan cuz I wanna sit and hear him go off about some subject, Torrance for the same reason, HoneyLibra cuz whenever I am in town we can NEVER get our schedules together, Trent Jackson cuz I think hanging out with him would be like hanging out with a lot of people at the same time. That's not meant in a bad way. MzNewAgenda cuz we know a few cool folks in common and her blogger personna is cool. Therefore I really think she'd be cool peeps. Simple math. TopMack cuz I want to see what a day in the life of BossMack Topsoil is like in person, Darius cuz I want him to cook for me and show me tricks of the kitchen trade, and JayBee cuz since I found out he was local he's been on my list to meet. Now for one point which may or may not be current *smile*...I've had a blog crush on you, Rashan, Hassan, No4Real, G-Mo, TopMack, RobertMack, BruthaCode, Bruthafree, The God, and that's all I can think of at the moment, and before anyone comments I am fully aware that No4Real and Bruthafree don't like women like that okay! I also know that some of these people are happily married or in good stable relationships...but these are blogger crushes so none of it matters! So Goddess and Diva in Demand...please put the weapons down! LOL!

9. What are your hobbies? Anything new you want to try? Hobbies? What's that? :-) I like listening to music, playing with the kid, and sleeping. When the mood hits I like to crochet, play instruments, and try new recipes. It's kinda sad, most of the time when I have free time I use it to eat or sleep (which is probably why I've gained so much weight) so I hope to get back out and about and learn some sports. I wanna try shooting, the thing where you stack cups and break them down really fast (shut up), hula hooping, tennis, and I would love to swim more.

10. It's the hottest day in the history of NC and you win a free bowl of ice cream from your favorite shop, what would your ultimate creation be? I know it sounds boring and simple but I would love to have some coffee ice cream, plain, that's all. I could get complicated but if it's that hot I want st8 up ice cream! Either coffee or cookie dough ice cream....mmmmmmmmmmmm

Okay, that's good for now. The only emailed questions I got that haven't been answered were from YB&DL. I'll get to his and the commented questions later today or tomorrow. If you want to ask something before then, feel free too on the blog or at Lata!


Darius T. Williams said...

Um, now I know good and well I posted some questions. My responses better be in the next batch, ya heard me?

Ladynay said...

Darius, I started with the questions people asked through email. The ones in my comment section, like yours, will come soon and since you asked yeah I'll make sure yours are included in the next batch :-)

I mentioned you in one of my answers today...doesn't that count for ANYTHING!!!! ROFL!!!!!

blkbutterfly said...

I'd like to meet you too! Charlotte is on my short list of cities to move to after Houston, so we may just get to meet one another one day. :-)

anytime i'm asked how many children, my answer is always one or two, preferably one. lol... hats off to you for even considering several.

i've been considering doing another ask me anything post. now that my readership is down to like 5, i could probably get it done in one post. :-)

Monique said...

I love stuff like this. You get to see a little deeper into the person.

nikki said...

i've been reading your blog for what, three years now? STILL learning new ish about you...

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

a lurker, dang

Ladynay said...

BB, whenever you hit Charlotte let me know. It's a little hump but it's less than half way on my part so I'd be down! LOL!

You deal with several kids on the regular so I wouldn't think you'd want multiple kids at home and at work!

Do it, just don't be mad if I ask something I've asked before...memory is bad.

Monique, yeah these posts can be interesting if you ask the right questions :-)

Nikki, girllllllllll look at your hair! I'm jealous!

I'm not complicated at all but if no one asks and I don't think about it I have no reason to share stuff about me.

T, yep a lurker can participate in an ask anything post but not say good bout that?

Young,Black and DL said...

Saving the best for last I

The presseure is building!
I would hope that I would show you a good time. I think I would laugh alot too, or at least I would try my damnest. I wouldn't mind meeting you one day too.

I find it interesting that after that question of PT school, I still don't know what that is. All I got from that answer is that you are not trying to be a athletic trainer and you don't go to school all day. Great that summed it up for me.

Ladynay said...

It the best goes last then I need to ask myself something huh? *wink*

I answered that way on purpose.

kasandra said...

I would surely like to meet you too.

MzNewy said...

Thanks for the shoutout!!! Dang I am made I missed emailing my question.....Dagnabbit...

Anywho...the one question I have is....How long before you graduate or are you the professional student? *smirk*

MzNewy said...

O yeah...when are you coming to the ATL? Did you and Ms SKy Bluez go to school together?