Monday, September 01, 2008

Themed post! 2 for 1!

New Sign on one of the gyms
Can't get no closer than this. :-)

Yes, I will marry you...all of you!

Oh yeah, straddle it!

Tried to get the cheerleaders for my male readers but none of them came out decent.

My Mia, on one of the campuses parking lots all by herself. FOR FREE! :-)

On the top is the drumline doing its thing and the bottom is the whole band doing their thing.

No the theme for September is not football :-) It's school daze! Doin' da butt awwwww sexy sexy, ain't nothing wrong, if yah wanna do da butt all nite long e yea e yea OW e yea e yea e yea e YEAH! ROFL! Nah, but for real your theme for September is school daze. Something memorable that went down at school. It doesn't have to be college, it can be any kind of school, grade school, Sunday school, military school, boarding school, whatever! For my school daze post I will blog about the football game I went to all by myself. This was the first football game that I've been to since I've been enrolled at Central. It's kinda funny that I used to go to Central's homecoming and the Aggie/Eagle Classic every year up until I signed my name on Central's papers. LOL!
Yesterday in itself was interesting. I stayed in bed until it was time to go meet my subject at the pool. In the middle of our session the thunder came so that cut my session short which I was NOT happy about. It stormed for a good while and I just knew they were going to cancel the game. Well it got down hard for about 1/2 and hour then left as fast as it came. GAME ON! I didn't have any cash on me and I knew I would have to pay for parking so I asked the people @ the wellness center where my closest bank was. Being that I know nothing about Chapel Hill except how to get to the campus and the wellness center they were speaking foreign to me. I decided to go across the street to the grocery store and just get cash back. After the chick scanned my brown rice California roll sushi (very good btw) I noticed that my debit card was not in my wallet! Great! I had my credit card but the system would not let me get cash back from it. Wonderful. I take my lunch and leave.
According to the NCCU website about 9,000 people showed up for yesterdays game and judging by the parking I believe it. Being that I didn't have any cash I drove around campus trying to find a free spot when the light bulb came on. The new Science Complex is on the other side of campus! No one would park there that's going to the game! And low and behold the bottom lot was empty. See pic above of Mia shining in the blazing hot post storm sun all by herself! Yeah I had a bit of a walk but I could stand some additional calorie burning action.
I could hear that the game was in the first quarter still so the game must have been delayed which meant I didn't miss half time YAY! I get there, the lady swipes my student ID and it's time for me to find a seat. That was a chore in itself. Now I know why they charge extra for reserved seating! The placed was packed so I went over to the end zone where I was able to find an end seat on the first row that fit half my butt cheek comfortably. It didn't take long before I just sat on the ground right behind the end zone gate! LOL! That's where pix 3, 4, and 5 came from.
I filmed the half time show but since I was at the flippin' end zone I couldn't get the formations or anything so I deleted it. After the halftime show I walked to the other end zone gate to be closer to the band. That's where the 2nd pic and the video came from. I really wanted to film the HBCU band staple "Talking out the side of your neck" by the legendary Cameo but that's my song when it comes to marching bands so I had to groove, not tape. :o)
After the 3rd quarter was over and I was pretty confident we lost the game, I started on my long trail back to the Science Complex. As I walked by the building where I will be walking across stage on 12/13/08 at 9am *cheese* I noticed the new sign they put up and snapped pic #1.
So yeah, I don't think I'll forget going to the football game by myself. It's not the kind of thing I like to do alone, but I had a pretty good time.
Now to last months theme about sleep. Take a trip back to my 3rd or 4th grade year in school. A friend of mine had a slumber party and me and some other young ladies were invited. We have all kinds of fun that day and it's time for us to go to sleep. I zip my sleeping bag up and go to sleep. During the night I have the bathroom dream. You know, the one where you know you woke up and that you where in the bathroom. Yeah, that one. During the dream I wake up. I stop the flow and reach to unzip my bag so I could finish up in the bathroom for real. Zipper is stuck, I panic and try like hell to get out the bag but it was no use. I didn't have a choice but to finish what I had started. To be honest I don't know if I tried to clean it up or what but I know for a fact I didn't tell anyone. Don't ask why. So a few days later the crew and I were at recess talking about something and I remember the host of the slumber party saying something like "I don't know but I gotta go clean my carpet" and gave me this look. I felt horrible. Needless to say I wasn't invited to any more of her slumber parties.


Freaky Deaky said...

So you got banned for being a pee-pee girl? *crosses Ladynay off of my sleepover list* You might want to play Roberta Kelly or something.

You're going to get banned from the stadium for being a pervert. I'm sad the cheerleader pics didn't come out. You need to get something with a good optical zoom lens. Maybe you can accidentally drop the camera beneath them. What?!

Young,Black and DL said...

I would listen to Freaky NayNay, Freaky is quite familiar with banning people... I should know I've been banned from his blog twice now, count it One and a Two...hmmm

Anyway it's okay about the cheerleader pics, I'll settle with the football players, nothing I like more than a nice pic of a tight, all though it was still hard to see from those gate pics...but anyway, I'm glad you participated in some good old fashion school spirit even if it's by your lonesome.

I don't like to judge, but eww NayNay, just becasue your zipper got stuck, you just kept on did you sleep for the rest of the night, sleeping in that. And you told no one? Wow

However,I think that girl was trying tomake you feel guilty... a few days later, and they are just getting around to vleaning it, come on now...and what mother is making her 4th grade old child clean another child's pee stain off the carpet...that's bull. She was just trying to mak eyou feel bad.

Ladynay said...

Freaky, yep! I don't think I ever got invited over there again. LOL!

I have to play with the settings on my camera. There are different settings and resolutions but I never change them to fit the circumstance I'm in.

YB&DL, if you comment you don't get banned so that's on you playa...

The end zone was the only place that had somewhere to sit w/o blocking someones view, and I was on the ground! LOL! There was no way around the gate.

I was stuck in the bag and I really had to go! You can only hold it but for so long esp, after you've already started! LOL! I honestly don't remember how the rest of the night went, maybe my mind blacked that out on purpose. But I know I didn't tell nobody about it. I know she was just trying to embarrass me and make me feel bad. It worked!

Thoughts of a Southern gal said...

I always say I'm going to try "going to an event solo". Maybe I go see "Tropic Thunder" this weekend since no I know want to see the movie. Glad you enjoyed yourself.

M-Dubb said...

About you taking your car out. You know you don't drive that thing....

Ladynay said...

Southern, there are pro's and con's in doing things solo. I went to see Wanted at the buck fifty solo and had a great time. It's usaually cheaper for one ticket than 2 ;-)

Marlon, I am over 12000 miles now THANK YOU! ROFL!

kasandra said...

Wow you were really brave for telling the story girl....BRAVE my friend!!!!

Yes I just started seeing movies by myself this year and it was great!!! I actually went and saw Wanted as well. I will surely do that again cuz I also want to see Tropic Thunder.

Darius T. Williams said...

LOL...hilarious. Um, I sooo hate football.

blkbutterfly said...

oh, that story makes me sad for you. well, at least the 3rd or 4th grader you. i can understand you not telling anyone. i mean, what do you say?

Ladynay said...

Kasandra, I don't mind putting myself out there from time to time. :-)

When you're the one paying going solo REALLY don't seem that bad!LOL!

Darius, y 4 u hate the pigskin? What did it do to you?

BB, the 3rd/4th grader me is glad you understand! LOL I could have at least told her mom I had an accident *shrug*

Ms.Honey said...

EHHHH HOMIE!! What's crackin..I see your harassing the football men folks lol is that why you wanna work in therapy lol sike let me stop

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

all i can add is
its football season

Ladynay said...

Hey the side benefits of being a therapist NEVER entered my mind Honey! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

T, are you ready for some football? *wink*