Saturday, November 22, 2008

Has anyone seen my brain?

Wow, it's been almost 2 weeks since I've sat down to do this blog thing. I wish I could say it was because life has been a non stop fun ride but that's not the case. Hmmmm lets see what I can remember *chuckles to self*

For a period in time I was in rape-a-brotha mode and I didn't have access to Snookums. It was horrible!!!!! 90% of the men I saw either looked or smelled good enough to eat. I'm over it now.

Mommy being here has allowed me to take a million naps and be lazy. The last time I cooked was last week! LOL! Her birthday was the 18th. She got some very pretty tulips from grand and aunt diva. I wanted to take her to get the mani/pedi treatment but she wanted to wait until graduation time when I get mine so we'd both be freah! LOL She did want some cookies, ice cream, and time with Pooka and I so she got what she wanted.

A long time ago I brought tickets to go see Annie. Pooka and I was supposed to go on my mothers birthday. I had no idea my mom was going to be here when I brought them. Why did I remember the show at 10:30pm the night of? I was mad! Thankfully the tickets were only 17 bucks a piece so I was only out 34 dollars which is cheaper than one ticket for most events. Every time an Annie commercial comes on tv I'll make a noise and my mom laughs!

My fathers wife is persistent. I think I've talked to her more than I've talked to my father in my adult life. Her last call was to ask what Pooka and I wanted for Christmas. So I guess we are getting gifts.

I feel kinda bad that I won't be getting many gifts for many people this year. There's grand diva, aunt diva and her unborn son who'll be here by Christmas, mom, Pooka, and Snookums. That's it. Thus says my bank account.

I think Saturn and Leggz made up. I picked Pooka and lil K up from daycare not this past Friday but the Friday before (or was it the one be4 that *shrug*) and both of them were teary eyed. I asked them what was wrong. Pooka said nothing and lil K said he didn't want to talk about it. I ask the asst. director, who was in the room with all the after schoolers, what the deal was. Apparently the kids didn't want to tell her either. As you walk out the center there is a sliding window to the directors office. While walking out I saw Saturn and her son lil T. Lil T was teary eyed too! So I stopped and asked Saturn what was going on. Long story short, lil K told them he was going to Jersey next week and the others didn't take it well. It was sad cuz them babies were really hurt he was leaving. Saturn was crying, the director was teary and they allllllllllmost got me....almost! :-) Saturn told lil K that she loved his mom and him like her fam blah blah blah and that she'd come get him tomorrow so him and lil T can do something special. Flash forward to yesterday, lil K is at the daycare and Pooka says Saturn has been picking lil T and K up all week! So I guess they made up. I called Saturn to see what happened but she hadn't called back. I am glad they seemed to have made up.

I have officially submitted my application to UNC Chapel Hill, my number 1 grad school choice! I procrastinated a lot but it's in and it's on time. Got tired of everyone getting on me about not submitting it. The only thing that was holding me back was the essay. Me and writing don't get along as well as most. Once I got all the ideas out my head and onto paper, I went the schools writing studio for assistance. The chick I had was okay. I like lady that's been helping me better, but she doesn't work for the studio anymore. The other chicks are bitches and that's all I am going to say. I won't be going back to them. I have the lady I like new email addy and cell phone number now so the writing studio can kiss my butt. The writing studio has reminded me that I know many people that handle the English language phenomenally, like Snookums, he loves writing and he knows what goes where! I don't know why I didn't shoot him the essay to begin with. Duh! I have an associate that just graduated from the UNC program and she's going to be one the interviewers this cycle. When I talked to her last she was dropping suggested reading material for me. This whole thing is weird for me. I want to be confident and be like "I got this, there's no way they can not pick me" then I also want to be realistic so if I don't get in this time I won't be too crushed. *shrug* I am working on Duke's right now. East Carolina and Elon are not due till January so I'll drill into those after Turkey Day.

While I am thinking about it, sometimes Central can really SUCK! My great aunt wanted to know if she needed an invitation to get into my graduation. Other folks wanted to know some other things that my mom didn't state while she was spreading the word. So I called the school up to get the answers and afterwards I sent a mass email to those I wouldn't mind seeing in Durham that day and give answers to those that had questions. The chick at the school said that guest did not need anything to get into graduation......well that's not true. I got an email this week about graduation which included a line about how on 12/11 every graduate will get "at least 4 tickets" bolded and italicized. These are to view the ceremony in the gym. Everyone else could go to various buildings around campus and watch it on a big screen. *sigh* So I called to see what I had to do to get more than four. They did say AT LEAST 4 right? So after a back and forth with the lady who sent the email, it turns out what they should have said was every graduate gets 4 tickets. Great! I knew of at least 10 people planning to come and I already sent the word out saying they didn't need nothing to get in! 2 have already bowed out once I resent an email to those that said they were coming. *sigh*

I need another part time job. My part time paycheck is not matching up with my full time bills. *sigh* I really want to get another job that is career related, but if I don't find something like that soon I may have to *deep long sigh* go back to the state part time. If I go back I have to do it soon because with the new treasurer coming into office all my upper level management that know and love me will be finding new work themselves.

What is Arab money?

At the moment I am feeling very blobbish aka bloated. Not a sexy feeling at all. My back is hurting and I didn't do anything to it :-( The heating pad helps.

Since I last blogged I locked my keys in my car not once, but twice! The first time I was at work and window was all the way up so AAA came out to help. The second time I was at the gas station and the window was down about an inch, maybe an inch and a half and long story short a lady who worked at a diner next door gave me a plastic hanger and I maneuvered it to were I could press the unlock button on the door. Yes, I will be buying one of those magnetic key things and hiding a spare somewhere. I have this feeling that this won't be the last time I'll lock myself out my car and not be home to get the spare.

Anyone seen my brain?


AR Gal said...

I think I've got your brain over here. Can I sell it on Ebay? I'll split the profits with you so you can get a new one that doesn't run away. lol

Mmmmm, naps! Aren't they the greatest???!!!

Don't feel bad about the Christmas gifts. Truth be told I just want to keep my George Washington's as close as I can to me. Times is hard hell. lol

Yay for you getting the essay done and submitting your grad app.!! I wish you all the best. I can't wait to read about your graduation. I truly am so excited for you!

Hope your having a great weekend!

Freaky Deaky said...

I bet that Annie thing hurts? $34 or not you know it stings to just waste money like that. That's money you could've just thrown my way. x(

Let me start checking your local news for a horny chick cruising NC in a rape van looking for victims.

What kind of cookies did you get your mom? Happy belated birthday to Mamanay!

So the little boy isn't moving in with you? Glad I didn't bet you then. LOL

Go UNC, unless they play one of my teams then I'll boo them.

Find someone who doesn't need all four of their tickets. Get to hustlin'!

Some ignorant shit Busta thought would be cool to say but may get his monkey ass clapped if he ever makes a wrong turn in Detroit and ends up in Dearborn.

You shouldn't carry both sets of keys on you. It's a bad idea.

Have a good weekend and blog more often or I'll beat you in the face with a brick. :op

Ladynay said...

How about you make a replica with play doh, sell that, split the profits and give me my brain back. I am doing silly stuff without it! LOL

Mannnnnnnnnnn naps are the TRUTH!

Everyone is feeling a pinch this year.

YAY! Thanks! The excitement hasn't hit me yet. I am sure it will soon.

Weekend is alright, will be better after I catch up on all of you guys on the blog, then take a nap! LOL

It did, I wish I could have at least gave 'em to someone to go if I decided not to go. That's 34 bucks out the window. That's a full tank of gas right about now! :-)

I'm okay now, but if you see or read about some big black girl raping brotha's in a big van you may wanna check and see if her name has Nay in it! I might relapse! hahahahahahahaha

She wanted chocolate chip cookies which were yummy!

Nope he's gonna move in with Saturn! *big smile* There is always time to make a bet! I want to bet and have the reward be some under the desk treatment...what?

I won't cheer any team until they let me in their grad school...with scholarship...and living money! Hey doesn't hurt to put your wants out in the universe! :-)

I don't know anyone that's graduating in my class but I can ask.

So violent, so Detroit! LOL

I wouldn't have all my keys on me, just 2 sets.

Again with the violence! LOL I can't make any promises.

Ladynay said...

Oh yeah, Freaky's reply starts with "It did". LOL! I did say my brain is elsewhere!

blkbutterfly said...

one of my best friend's also celebrated a b-day on the 18th. yay for November birthdays!

congrats on getting your application submitted! now i feel even more lame; i haven't submitted any. i have yet to write the personal statement and it's not b/c i don't like to write. i'm just a major procrastinator.

i agree w/ freaky about the tickets. e-mail, call, do whatever you can think of to see who doesn't need their tickets. Spelman had a limit of 10/graduate but we were told that weeellll in advance of the actual ceremony.

Ladynay said...

Your friend rocks.I can tell by her birthday! :-)

Don't feel lame. I was planning to submit it at the last minute. If it wasn't for one of the folks on the admissions committee telling me that most poeple wait till the last minute, jam the system, and the computer STILL cutting off at midnight despite the hang up and everyone asking me if I did it everytime they saw me or spoke to me I would still be making changes to my essay right now! LOL

Well Central did give us 3-4 weeks notice, but they still suck! The chick I spoke with originally should have told me that she wasn't sure and directed me to someone who knew the answer to my specific question instead of giving me the wrong info.

I'll send an email out to the few folks I know walking with me and see what happens.

LovelyBella73 said...

Hey! I'm going to be going to Weldon. It'a a small town almost in Virginia. My fiance, used to be at Duke and I thought long and hard about going to UNC Chapel Hill.

I'm going to get check out those reviews. Thanks for sharing. Are you doing anything special for Thanksgiving.

Ladynay said...

Oh I thought you was coming closer to Raleighwood so you we could do brunch or something :-(

UR welcome!

Me and mine are going to the spend time in the boonies like we do every year.

Stone said...

Yeah I am back at it again. I've been working on a special project. So more blogging to come. thanks for checking in on me

Nobody not really... said...


Anonymous said...

I'm not feeling bad at all about not giving that many gifts. Times are tight.

Crossing my fingers you get into the school you want.

kasandra said...

Yep that is about a full tank!!!! I don't do Christmas presents either. This year, besides my mom and my son, I'm making an exception for my older sis. And it's only cuz she got me a couple of things. Everyone else can suck it. Good Luck to you!!!

Monique said...

Congrats on applying to your number 1 choice! I'm sure you'll get in.

antneya said...

Hey Hey Hey!!!...your brain is on vacation with meeeeeeee

Ladynay said...

Stone, what special project? I wanna know I wanna know tellmetellmetellmetellme!

Nobody, what's so mf'n funny? LOL!

Southern, thankfully everyone understands that money is ight right now.


Kas, yeah we are not the only ones giving tokens to a few folks this Christmas.


Monique, we'll see in a few months won't we *anxious sigh*

ANFERNEEEEEEEEEEEEE! If I check your blog out and you're in another country I will CUT YOU! Ya hear me? ROFL!