Thursday, April 30, 2009

Health, Violence, The Real World, and Bob the Builder

Due to all the salty stuff I've been eating my blood pressure is through the roof.

It all started Tuesday when a doctor kept trying to push gastric bypass on me. My self esteem was so high I needed some fully loaded nachos, extra buttered popcorn, and cheez its.

As some can see I've been viewing your pages at home. Did I get that new laptop? Nope! Just beat up my CPU...literally. I found the motivation to swap monitor's to find that it wasn't the monitor, it was the CPU. So in playing with this, that and the other I grew frustrated and hit the system closed fisted a few times and when I turned every thing back on VIOLA! Weird. I wonder how long this will last.

I should comment on my last post but don't really feel like it right now.

I swore that I would not join any more social type sites. I barely keep up with what I have accounts for now! Then what do I get Tuesday? An email from one of the chicks from Elon's graduate admissions updating us on stuff and informing us that she has started a closed group for us on Facebook so we can start to get to know one another! *sigh* I really was trying to stay away from Facebook and the rest of that stuff but I'm wayyyyyyyyyyyyy to nosey not to join and see the folks I'd been spending 2010-2012 with. 30 people plus the chick from admissions have joined so far and just like I thought, I am the only big person and the only chocolate drop in the bunch. Figures.

For the first day nobody said anything so I broke the ice and now we all are "talking". One girl said she feels like she walked into the newest Real World house just with more strangers. It really does feel like that. One of the girls said that we should all go out and do something once everyone has moved to NC. I agreed and suggested bowling. Everyone loves the idea so I guess we'll be doing that sometime around the end of the year.

There are 8 more students who have not joined the group yet so I don't know if "Brooklyn Blue Eyes" made it in, but the chick I mentioned in the same blog entry who was the stereotypical blonde and sported a black and white polka dot shirt with the thick belt that goes under the bust made it in! I was so surprised to see her listed. She graduates in May from NC State and she put the offer out there for me and another girl in Raleigh to hang out. I don't know about that just yet. I have no reason to be hesitant, I just am.

A dude from a box office called me the other day to tell me that the tickets for the Bob the builder show I brought early last year (February/March if I recall correctly) were being refunded because the show was cancelled! Sweet!!!!! I am hoping that my credit card folks will consider that April's payment but I have a feeling I will not be that lucky! LOL! Part of me wants to use that money to buy a solo ticket to see my favorite ventriloquist that's coming to town soon, but I told myself I wasn't buying any more tickets. I won't lie, the Rollergirls have a game here in Raleigh in May and a friend of mine who has been told me that I HAD to go and I want to go. It doesn't help that the tix are super cheap. *sigh* Luckily the games rarely sale out and I can buy tickets at the door for a few bucks more if I don't make my mind up until the last minute.

I'm dropping Pooka off at my father's house tomorrow and while I was talking to my father's wife today she told me that my father told her I was 25. She corrected him and he incorrectly corrected her. She said she just left it. I'll make sure to mention to him when I see him that I'll be 29 in July *smh*


blkbutterfly said...

whenever i eat too much salt, i literally get light headed. i had a turkey leg at the fair several years ago and had to sit down, drink some water and pull it together.

i'm sorry to hear about your doctor's visit. :-( i hope it wasn't your regular doctor. actually, if it was another doctor, that makes it all the worse.

i couldn't help but crack up at how you got your computer to work again. well, at least that frustration was channeled it something useful!

yay for being on Facebook! it's a good way to connect with ppl. though i can see why you shied away from it.

ah yes, the joys of being of one (or the only) minorities in grad school!

Ladynay said...

Yeah most people do get light headed, a bad headache, or both.

It wasn't my regular person. I had to go to the place my new job wanted me to go to. He is not the first nor the last health care professional to tell me the obvious about my weight so it wasn't that he tossed the suggestion that got was the persistance he came at me with that messed with me. I'm getting over it.

Man it was amazing how that worked out. I'm still making plans to get some new hardware though. There isn't any telling how long this computer will con't to cooperate.

Boooooo for being on Facebook. I am only using it to interact with my PT folks. That's it! I log on, I see if any updates are in the group, if so I check that, respond if need be, then I log off! The end.

They should have some minority grad school money for us crazy enough to apply, get in, and actually attend! LOL! I laugh but I am for real!

Freaky Deaky said...

Mmm hmm, I see you sold out got into bed with Facebook. You know you're going to have non grad school people as friends by the middle of the month. What about Twitter? How come the twitterbird can't get any love? You know you want to join my twit harem and be one of my twitches.

If hitting your computer did the job then something is either lose or about to short out. It's a temporary fix so if you need to back anything up or get something off of that computer then now might be the time.

Go hang out with the Raleigh grad school contingent. You'll at least get a blog post out it good or bad and if Becky wears anything sexy you can e-mail me some pics so it's a win-win scenario either way. Yay!

I wish I knew how to throw my voice. My girl says that's a talent I do not need to have. :o(

Father knows best. Obey!

Happy Mayday and have a good weekend.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Freaky. Something is loose is your CPU.

I'm about to delete my myspace page b/c I never log in. I'm always on facebook and twitter now.

AR Gal said...

High bp is nothing to play with. My mom has bp issues or she used to before she got them under control. One time she was so sick the ambulance almost had to be (and probably should have been) called. Scary. Ok not the best thing I could have commented but that's what came to my mind while reading your post.

I just commented the other day how I really don't pay much attention to the traffic my blog gets. Besides the feedjit thing (which I barely look at) I don't even notice. lol

A balled up fist is a mighty thing! lol lol

I have been getting requests from friends of mine on myspace to join FB. I barely check my myspace account so it's highly unlikely that I will be signgin up for FB anytime soon. I tol them they better email me if they really want to make contact. lol

Sorry but I cracked up at your dad and his guesstimate at your age. Just

Ladynay said...

Yep Freaky I am dying to be in your twitter harem! Let me in! LOL!

I can't think of anything I need to save at the moment, but of course when it finally goes something will come up!

I'll have 3 years to mingle with them. I can wait.

Being able to throw your voice would be a cool skill to have.

TSG, Myspace? What's that? LOL!

ARGal, I hate everything that comes with crazy BP. Comment on whatever comes to mind good or bad.

Emailing me is the best way to get with me as well so I feel you!

No comment on the age thing...