Thursday, June 25, 2009

Comes in 3's

Ed, Farrah, and now Michael....damn.

I am not going to do tribute post simply because 90% of the blog world will do one. The first blogger that I thought about was Pam. She is the only blogger I know that is a tried and true, thick and thin, better or for worse fan of Michael Jackson. (((Pam))) I'll just say, many people have tried to emulate Mr. Jackson, but there was and only will be one. Sucks that I never got to see him in concert. A coworker and I was talking about wanting to see him and Prince before they stopped doing shows just this morning. Damn!

On a brighter note, yall remember TTD? The blogger...well ex blogger? Well she is getting married this Saturday so if you are like me and haven't made use of her number, email addy, or whatever contact info you have of hers in a while. Blow the dust off of it and send her a well wish or something.

And if you are reading this chicka, you and GTL will never be forgotten in my world cuz I'll never forget what went down at Have a Nice Day Cafe or whatever that place was called! You guys are the best!


AR Gal said...

You know what, Pamelicious was crazy about her some MJ!! I forgot all about that.

I don't think I'm familiar with the blogger TTD but it's good to hear that great things are happening for her.

blkbutterfly said...

your title went through my mind as well...

Awww... I do remember TTD! That's fantastic that they're getting married. Black love... gotta love it!

Ladynay said...

Argal, yep! Soon as I got online I thought about her and if she posted about him.

TTD stopped blogging over a year ago at least...something like that.

BB, cuz unfortunately it seems to work out that way more often than not :-(

Black love is a beautiful thing. They are so cute together it's sickning!

Freaky Deaky said...

R.I.P. Ed, Farrah, and Michael.

Assuming I still have TTD's e-mail somewhere I'll do just that.

Have a good weekend.

E said...

Congrats to TTD!!!

Yeah they do say things come in 3's. I had forgotten about Ed's death.

Anonymous said...

I'm speechless about MJ.

TTD are FB friends. I'm so happy for her. Remember how she would always post about marriage with GTL? lol Now her dreams are coming true.