Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Cha ching! Cha ching!

Had to repeat it because 2 things are working in my favor!

Cha ching #1. Remember the coworker that went to the funeral and had a funky attitude when she had to come back at the weekend job? Well long story short, she quit. Another issue came up and home girl threw up the deuces! Guess who they called to take her hours on the weekend? I already told them that once Pooka gets back I can't help fill in anymore. But in the mean time the overtime will be swwwwwwwwwwwwweet!

Cha ching #2. I applied for 2 scholarships, which reminds me I have to write an essay for a 3rd one due next month. One is through the state and the other through Tylenol. Well I checked the state scholarship site and I got it! YAY! I don't find out about the Tylenol money until after the 15th. Elon also has a scholarship but you don't apply for it. They just pick 3 people in every new class to get it. So that's one scholarship down and 3 to go. If I get all 4, my out of pocket fee for PT school will be like 3 grand! Even though finding money for graduate school is almost as hard as it was to score tickets to MJ's service yesterday, I guess I need get down to the nitty gritty and search even harder for a 3g+ grad school scholarship huh? LOL!


Freaky Deaky said...

So during the weekends you work like 52.5 hours, right? Um can I get a couple of dollars? I'll be your best friend. Please. Pretty please.

Congrats on the scholarship! Hopefully the other ones are yours as well. For a limited time I'm offering female grad students the Freaky Deaky Scholarship. Let's go into this darkroom so you can fill out some paperwork, yeah paperwork, and apply.

Ladynay said...

It feels like it at times! LOL!

Me likey men that say pretty please on their knees, if you do that I'll come off 2 dollars. Hey, you said a couple! 2 is a couple! ROFL!

Like other things I try not to dwell or think about it, but it would be might nice for all of them to come through.

Ummmmm how much is the pay out? tee hee hee

Freaky Deaky said...

That's old math. A couple of dollars means at least $20 now. Get with the times. :oD I bet you do, nasty! :o

Depends on how well you do during your "interview". *Looks down at my lap* Shall we begin?

AR Gal said...

LOL @ ole' girl quitting. How long had she worked there? She'll probably find another job fairly easy though.

You're in the money!!! YAY!!!

I've come to the conclusion that if I looked up the word hustler in the dictionary your picture would surely be beside it.

I have a feeling that you will find something to get that $3k paid as well.

Get it Ladynay!!!

Anonymous said...

Ain't she a hustler?! lol

Congrats on the scholarship.

Insatiable One said...

*doing the cabbage patch for you*

Ladynay said...

FD, be warned, I seem to excel at interviews of all kinds *wink*

AR, about 6 months. That wasnt her bill payin job so she st8.

I have to hustle up as much $$$ I can b4 December.

Southern, I have too! LOL and thanks.

Mo, I would do the cabbage patch w/u but I could never do it right lol!