Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Da hell you been?

So where the hell have I been? Working, literally. At the moment I volunteer 4 hours a week and work 62+ hours a week. I could do an entire post about the plus sign behind that damn 62! LOL! The plan is to do this until December then quit 2 of my jobs to prep for grad school, but I don't know if I'll last that long. I just don't know. I am cursing a lot more and my days kind of run together, which are two signs that my mental realm is starting to warp. I'm taking this one day at a time. The 3 folks holding me together right now is Pooka, my mom, and the other half. Its very important to me that I make contact with them often and sometimes just hearing the sounds of their voices makes my day so much better. Kinda like a reminder that the sacrifice is worth it.

I have many different soaps and body washes. Today I showered with a mutual soap me and the other half has and all morning I keep smelling him! I love it. Did that sound obsessive? I hope not, LOL! With my current schedule I don't get to interact with him like I used to which sucks IMO. When I spoke to him last night one of his first questions to me was "how many hours did you work today?" The number is always too many for my liking. However, when it's all over he will benefit too! I want to do something very special for him and it takes a good bit of money to do what I want to do in the fashion I want to do it. If you want more money you have to work for it, that's how it works in my world. :-( Why couldn't I have been born into money, like Paris Hilton or somebody!

This is my last week of being an off duty parent. I can't wait to see my child! I can't believe I've gone the whole summer without a hug or nothing from her. I sorta see how her dad must feel. I'm sorta scared to see what she is looking like these days because my mom informed me that she will definitely need a new wardrobe for school! *sigh* I really hope my mom and grand diva did not fatten her up too much. She was solid and thick when I dropped her off, so that's kinda how I want her back with maybe a little more height. I really don't want her to grow up being chunky like I was.

For her last big summer activity before school she is going back to 6 flags. I heard she had a good time when my cousin took her and my other cousins at the beginning of the break so I'm sure she'll have a great time again. I personally have not been to a large scale amusement park in years. I'm not aching to go to one either so I'm good! LOL!

In 16 days my child will be 8 years old. Lawd have mercy! *smh* She wants her birthday party to be at the same place it was last year. As much as like Frankie's I hope she'll change her mind and pick a different location.

Like everything else, we'll see what happens and where we all end up....



Freaky Deaky said...

Just 62+ hours? Your Jamaican brethren are going to disown you unless you bump that up to 90 hours at least. *cracks the whip*

So I guess if you're going to have all this money to do something special I should start asking to hold some big money for you, right? :oD

If they've fattened her up make them by her the new wardrobe.

Next thing you know you'll have a teenager and some gray in your hair. Mmm hmm, it's coming.

Ladynay said...

At the rate my weekend job is going I may hit that number soon *drops head*

I'll let you hold a big face one dollar bill (do they make those?)The rest I'll let the bank hold. I'd hate for something bad to happen, I tell my bf, then he comes looking for you and a fight breaks out. Then again that could be hot! What?

My mom is going to help me with the school clothes so it's all good.

Lies!!! It's all lies! *plugs ears* la la la la la la la

blkbutterfly said...

Yeah, those 62+ hours are a lot. I remember working about that much at the job I had before teaching. I kinda liked working that much. Then again, it was only 1 job and I wasn't raising a child and maintaining a relationship, in addition to taking care of myself.

No, that doesn't sound obsessive. I sometimes go in the body wash aisle to smell his scent. It's too masculine for me, otherwise I'd buy it!

well, i'm sure whatever little bit of weight she picked up, it'll come right back off once she's back in her normal routine.

Ladynay said...

You telling me! The only things I like about it is that I stay on the go and the checks that come in! LOL!

This soap is a general anyone can use type soap, so I don't smell like man :-) I love a good smelling man though. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm good smelling man *goes off in daydream*

I hope so. I know my cooking is nowhere near my grandma's and I don't use much if any salt, so she's likely to eat less at home anyways! HAHAHAHAHAHA! That's a few pounds right off the top!

AR Gal said...

YAY Pooka!!! It's time for her b-day already??? I swear it seemed like I just read the post about her celebration last year. GOODNESS!

62+ hours....gone head Ms. Ladynay, just gone head. I was fussing about having to work the extra 7 I did this past weekend hell. lol

I am obsessed with bath salts as of late. I can't get enough of them!

Ladynay said...

Yeah I know! Seems like last week I shelled out money for that party! LOL!

Extra hours are extra hours! That 7 hours will look good on that next check tho'.

I haven't used bath salts in a minute! I got some too! May have me a wine, jazz, and bubble bath night tonight! Hmmmmmmm

Jameil said...

i'ma need you to work less. i know you want to do more but good gracious! with pooka returning, you know you're going to want more time with her and with her activities even if it's just school, you're gonna go nuts w/all that working. i love the smell of rashan's laundry detergent and soap. no cologne, just those two. 11 days until my birthday! woooo!! i love kids born near my birthday. lol.

Ladynay said...

Yeah, w/Pooka being home I have to work less, there is no other option.

MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM love a man that smells good! Now I don't feel so weird! LOL!

Happy early birthday!!!! Pooka's date of birth could be why she's such a girlly girl when I'm not!!!! LOL!