Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Sick of this shit right here

Background story:

When I went to Jamaica years ago a vendor basically charged me 2ce for an item. Even though the money cleared my account the vendor still had the amount on hold in my account. Something unrelated posted and I got overdrafted. Being that my checkbook said that should not have occurred I went to the bank. We talked about it, they refunded the fee.

Fast forward to 2-3 weeks ago:

One of my employers tells me that they are going off of direct deposit and I'd be getting a tangible check. Since there are many temps here at the state job, they just send them all with someone who picks them up. My manager gives me my check when I come in on Tuesday. Fine.

Fast forward to yesterday:

Let's say I had 1,000 bucks (not real figures) in my account when I woke up yesterday morning. I knew 2-2,000 dollar items were going to hit my account that night so before the cut off time (2:00pm) I hit the bank and deposit the 6,000 buck state job check, which should make my account 7,000 bucks and more than enough to cover what I knew was coming out.

Fast forward to this morning:

I wake up and during my morning ritual I called the automated system to see if the 4,000 came out like it was supposed to. The automated lady tells me my account is negative such and such and that I've been hit with 2 overdraft fees! That can't be right.....right? So I come to work and wait till the bank opens and pay them a visit. I mean, the money was there so there was some kind of mistake. I'll go up there, let them know of the problem, they give my fees back and all is well.

Suppose to be anyway.......

I go up there and tell the customer service chick the deal. She informs me that in April of last year the bank changed a policy. The current policy is that if you deposit a non (insert bank name) check into your account that's over $100, they will credit you $100 bucks that day, and the rest the following day. She explained that the bank was losing money with folks depositing bad checks so they changed the policy. To apply that to my case, instead of my 6,000 buck check being deposited making my account total 7,000 bucks, they only credited me 100 dollars last night making my account total 1,100 dollars, which wasn't enough to cover the 2-2,000 buck items that hit. Now ignorance is never a great excuse, but I didn't know that $100 dollar rule existed because I never really deal with tangible checks like that. I have direct deposit with all my payroll checks, well up until recently. I understood her logic but was not happy with her answer to me. I wanted to know if I could get my 2 overdraft charges refunded because I did my part to cover my butt. I deposited more than what was needed to be in there to handle business. She told me since I already got a refund (from the Jamaica event) that there was nothing she could do, the bank only allowed one refund. She apologized and then she suggested that I get direct deposit so I wouldn't have to deal with things like this. I laughed in her face.

I thanked her for her time and asked to speak with the next level. I run through the same spill and the manager offered to refund 1 of the fees if I opened another account with them.....


I thought about it and politely declined. I bit the bullet and just made another deposit to cover everything and put me back in the black. *sigh*

If I make an error that results in a overdraft fee, it sucks, I'll bitch, I'll kick myself, I'll move on. Like I did awhile ago. My bad, my fault. Ok, fine.

But even with that bank policy, I made sure enough money was in my account to handle my business before 2pm and I should not be punished for it. That's my feeling on it. Period.


AR Gal said...

My bank does has a similar policy with non-bank checks. Honestly I didn't know either, I just figured it out when I check my account online. They don't penalize if it's under $100 though, they just deposit the entire thing.

Freaky Deaky said...

Ok I'm confused based on your example you deposited less than $100 anyway so it would seem that they'd count all of it being deposited that day. What exactly is opening another account supposed to do for you? Methinks you should give whoever your bank is two middle fingers and do your banking with someone else.

Ladynay said...

AR,Yeah that's how my bank does

FD, Sorry for the confusion, the real figures are over 100 dollars so the situation applies to me. I'll go add a 0 to everything! LOL

The Second Sixty-Eight said...

I been through that too. Mine was the order of posting. I finally convinced the guy (logically) that all indicators up to the point of me being charged the overdraft fee said that I had over 1000 bucks more than needed to cover everything. He didn't have an answer when I asked him why I should be responsible for an overdraft fee when their system told me that I had way more going in than out. And that I didn't write the posting logic for THEIR computer. Although I did offer to rewrite it for them...

You gotta watch them. They are getting good at ways to get a buck out of you for free!

Ladynay said...

2nd68, I know what your talking about. The pay the highest debit first thing *sigh*

They are getting good, but I got something for this particular bank...I'm taking my account elsewhere! Yes the place I'm going (which I already have a different type of account there) has fees for different things, but the fees are almost a 3rd of the current banks! I can live with that! LOL!

I hate to leave the place I opened my very first account many many moons ago, but I gotta move on. I deserve better! LOL!

LsbnMom said...

Go with Suntrust. You have until 5pm to make your deposits there and they dont hold anything back (at least not that I know of and I deposit 2 checks each month for the children). Not to mention, they are open on weekends. No to mention, if you have more than one account from them, you can transfer funds from one account to the other up until 10:30pm and it still count as same business day. I have been with them for years. I have had my issues but they correct them and I do better.

I have been wtih them since I was a baby!

LsbnMom said...

ANd I have NO fees with my bank... unless you overdraft, but I stopped that nonsense long time ago and cover my ass by transferring between accounts by 10:30 at night! LOL Beat them at their own system!

Thoughts of a Southern gal said...

That sucks! I bank at a credit union. If I'm not mistaking they don't hold deposits unless it's over $1500 for 10 days. One thing I like about my bank, if you make a deposit (less than $1500 if it's a check) at 4:55pm the money is there for you to use right at that moment.

Insatiable One said...

What?! that is so jacked up but most banks for moving to that format. If you deposit a large sum, they hold it for 3 days before clearing the rest of the amount. Sucks, but that's how it is now. And then they honestly think you are going to open another account there? getthefuckouttaahere. Bad enough they got some of your money, why add insult to injury. I'm going to start putting my ish in a shoebox.

Jc "Teezie" Wooten said...

Thank GOD there are nice people like you still on this earth. My bank refunds every NSF fee I get when I feel it is there fault! A couple months back they refunded $250 worth. If he could have refunded 1 fee........... he could have refunded both!