Monday, October 19, 2009

주말, 주말 휴가

That's Korean for weekend according to the translation site I just looked up.

The weekend was pretty eventful and I enjoyed every minute of it. Especially since I didn't have to work the weekend job! YAY!

Let's start with Saturday. Everyone was straight chilling till it was time for Pooka to test. I had a pretty good idea of where it was but still left early just in case I needed some get lost time. We get there and chilled till Pooka felt like warming up on the floor. She didn't seem to be nervous or anything which was good. The way the center is set up there were a line of about 40 chairs against 2 of the walls. By time the testing actually started it was standing room only! I sat on the floor to be nice. I didn't know what to expect once the testing started but basically they take attendance, go over basic moves by belt level, go through these routines (I don't remember what they are called) by belt level, self defense (white belts), sparring (high white to black), then a knowledge test where everyone has to answer a random question they should know according to your belt level. Of course, the higher the belt the harder the question. Pooka did great. It did take her an extra second to answer her knowledge question, but was right on after one of the judges gave her a hint.

I got small video clips of Pooka doing her thing. Upon viewing most of what I caught most of it wasn't good enough to post. Like when she performed her breaking technique she was on the other side of the center and another chick was beside her blocking my view so you can't see her break it. No point of posting stuff like that. Of course something ALWAYS goes wrong when I use tech stuff, so when it was time for her to do self defense moves with a partner my memory card decided to be filled to capacity! :-( Someone was supposed to tell me that I couldn't just save every single picture and video on my camera without another memory card. My camera is supposed to have indefinite memory gosh darn it!!!!!!! LOL! Snookums was able to get most of the good stuff on his phone but I don't have that yet so yall have to settle for the okay stuff I got! LOL I did get this pic of her in action though....

Pooka is the one on the right blocking the kick.

Thia is one of the basic moves they had to display, Pooka is next to the girl in front.

This is something called 10 steps, or something like that, again, Pooka is the 2nd one.

There are multiple centers, but here are all the members of Pooka's center! See the blond girl with the pony tail? She was the only person testing for the belt level she was after and for her breaking technique the owner of the company had her jump over 4 crouching cohorts and break a board in the air! She did it too! Wish I would have got that on tape! There was another little boy that takes TKD very serious! This little black boy was on point the entire time. When they were sparring my mom thought he was going to truly hurt his sparring partner. He ended up winning the best of testing strip and he deserved it. Wish I had him on film too. Baby boy was BAD yah hear me?

After testing we got some grub and decided that we were going to conquer the fair. Surprisingly traffic wasn't as bad as previous years and there was actually decent walking room through most of the fair. I'm curious about the numbers for opening weekend in comparison to last year. Pooka rode what she wanted and I got the food I wanted which included....

Can you read the sign? Right above the deep fried pickles. Maybe you can't. They said they were going to have the nasty sounding bacon concoctions, but didn't say they were going to have this....

A deep fried cheeseburger!!!!!! I was hesitant, but curious enough to buy one with my deep fried snickers *moment of silence for the yumminess of the deep fried Snickers*, It was ight at best, I will not be buying another one. They also had deep fried mac and cheese which was not there last year. I left that alone. Even though it was chilly I STILL got my NC State ice cream and for the first time ever it only took about 10 minutes from the time I got in line to me walking away from the spot with my ice cream! I was shocked! The line is usually long as hell and wrapped around the world! I am not complaining though.

Everyone had a good time and we walked so much by time we got back home everyone was only interested in laying down! Go straight to bed, do not pass Go, do not collect $200.

Sunday was straight chill/recovery day :-)

How was your weekend?


AR Gal said...


We went to the fair Saturday night but only stayed a couple of hours. Honestly we were bored. lol The most exciting thing I ate was a freaking funnel cake. They should really start making those things in half's.

We chilled out Sunday too.

Ladynay said...


In halfs? As much as they charge they should give you double!!!! LOL!

I found out that the night we were there some teenager got stabbed! I don't know what time it happened but I am glad we were no where around it!

The 7th day was made to rest :-D

Anonymous said...

Yay Pooka!!!

They taking things to far with the deep fried foods. Mac and cheese?! Yuck. I do like fried pickles.

Ladynay said...

There is no such thing as too far when it comes to fair food. Eventually fairs will run out of things to fry up! LOL!

I see the pickles every year and can't make myself get one! Maybe next year I'll go for it...maybe

Rashan Jamal said...

I've had fried mac and cheese at TGIFridays.. it was good. I don't know that I could try a fried cheese burger... That title is probably actually Korean for I don't know Korean. LOL

Ladynay said...

I didn't know you could get fried mac and cheese from Fridays! That sounds kinda wrong to me for some reason. Maybe because I'm only used to deep fried items being at the fair *shrug*

We going to say it's Korean for weekend even if it isn't okay? Great!

AR Gal said...

In halfs? As much as they charge they should give you double!!!! LOL!

Yep with half the price. lol I can never eat a whole one and Z doesn't eat them so I end up throwing half of it away.

Ladynay said...

*smh* Dang! That's messed up! Spend all the $ to throw half of it away. It's not really all that good cold either.

Jameil said...

Yay for your baby! That fried cheeseburger looks DISGUSTING!! I try to leave people to their own food devices but EW!!! I'm definitely more curious about state fair food this year than in previous but i'm gonna have to pass on that one. Fried pickles are delicious! How are you scared of those but not a fried burger???? That don't make no sense!!! Lolol.

Freaky Deaky said...

That deep fried cheeseburger didn't look so hot. I've heard there's a deep fried pizza. I'm scared to try it if I ever come across it.

I hope all the neighborhood Albinos have been notified of this travesty! LOL. Congrats to Pooka! Hopefully she can kick some booty for good but if not I've already trademarked the Albino Annihilation Machine.

Ladynay said...


Yeah the burger was not all that great. Can't explain the mac and cheese thing, I'm just weird I guess. Pickles??? Again, maybe next year....maybe

FD, If I ever try the pizza I'll be sure to blog about my opinion :-)

YAY! No comment on your trademark name *shaking a fist in the air*

jwilli said...

i went to the fair sunday evening and snapped a pic of THAT VERY SAME SIGN also. a coworker said, "they fry everything at the fair. parents shouldn't leave their kids unattended else they could be fried also." lol. i just had a hot dog and fry. fried pickles? yea, i don't know about those, either. whatabout fried buttah? :-)