Thursday, January 28, 2010

7 things

Okay, so I took my final for my "Today's Health Care Course", two words....IT SUCKED!!! The test was worded so poorly nobody knew what the heck they were asking us! My classmates and I walked out of the room like "WTF was that!!!!" Anywho, being that it only took an hour or so to complete the test and my next class doesn't start till 1 I made my way to the computer lab to kill time. Monique, Insatiable One, or whatever she is calling herself these days tagged me on her blog so now I need to share 7 things about me. Here we go!

1. I am afraid of standing heights. I can do rides that go up high, but I can't and won't do stuff like go up the Sears (or whatever they renamed it) tower, statue of liberty, or nothing where I just stand there and look at how high I am! Shoot, when I am at the mall and there are multiple floors, and you can see the floors below I will walk as close to the stores as possible. I can't stand watching people hang over balconies, that just freaks me out! When I went to Jamaica, the view from my room was fantastic, but I took all my pictures with my back against the glass door. Stepping to much beyond the threshold would have caused some serious anxiety!

2. I have reality issues. Meaning that sometimes I don't really think what is going on is really happening. Like it's all a big dream. This tee shirt website had this shirt that said "Am I Solipsistic or is it just me". I wanted to buy that shirt, but didn't.

3. I really shouldn't care about what people think of me, but I do. I am working on that.

4. Sometimes I consider outpatient liposuction. I hate being a patient and I truly hate surgeries of any kind, but I still entertain the thought from time to time.

5. My favorite color is emerald green. I love emerald green everything! I should live in the non existent Emerald City.

6. After I am set into my career I am going to take cooking classes and lower level mechanic courses. I would love to be someone like Darius or Jameil and just love food so much they can make fantastic creations out of nothing. I can make basic southern stuff but I want to expand. I want to learn the car stuff because it would save me having to pay somebody labor cost for automotive issues. Plus I think it's cool for females to have stereotypical "manly" knowledge and skills.

7. A long term goal of mine is to have vacationed in every continent at least once and to have stepped foot in every US state at least once. It's going to take me some time, but I know I can achieve this goal.

Not tagging anyone, but if you want to blog about yourself, so be it! :-D


Freaky Deaky said...

Did anyone mention that the wording of the questions made the test confusing to the professor? Well, if enough people fail the curve will drop and give you all good grades or you'll just take it over.

You can come up and work on my truck then because I know very little about vehicle maintenance and repair.

I can do heights as long as it's not windy, the railing looks and feels sturdy, and the floors aren't glass. I don't do glass floors. Nope!

Jameil said...

We have a professor who gives us ridiculous feedback that makes us look at the guidelines like did i miss something??? b/c there were things you wanted from me that you NEVER SAID. crazy. i don't really like elevators that go really high... partly b/c my mom once told me to check for the elevator when the doors open b/c a woman fell to her death when the elevator wasn't there and another man broke his leg.... i was like 11. smooth move mom. ROTFL @ Solipsistic. I would love to see a black woman in that shirt! No. 6, awwwwww!! What helped me was figuring out what I felt like I could make with what I had in my house or was willing to buy and that I reeeeeeally wanted to eat! I def. want to visit more continents (I don't think I really need antartica or greenland) and every state. I also wouldn't mind some mechanics.

gee said...

i think everyone cares about what people think of them..we are human and feel the need to be accepted. however, it's when you start letting those thoughts of other people control who you are is when it becomes a problem.

it's ok to care what they think, but not care enough to the point where it changes you.

blkbutterfly said...

you should def. discuss w/ the test questions w/ the prof. sometimes they use someone else's tests, rely on the TA to create it, are tired when they create the assessment, etc.

i wouldn't say i have reality issues, but i can definitely relate to feeling sometimes that i'm watching myself in a movie instead of living my life.

Ladynay said...

FD, Some emails went out but nobody has mentioned a response yet.

*smh* give me a few years and I'll see what I can do! LOL!

You will never ever see me standing on a glass floor unless I am in an altered state of mind! LOL!

Jameil, testing on material you didn't cover or tell me to read about is a no-no! Your mom was looking out for you, you haven't fell down an elevator yet have you? LOL! If that tee shirt website still existed I would have one and would have took a pic for you! :-) I will be fancy with my food like yall one day, watch! What's wrong with antartica and greenland? Nathin, that's what! LOL!

gee, agreed

BB, I'll try if I see them again. One teacher is retired and the other works at a hospital. We won't see them on campus again until some management course at the end of the program.

Yeah, like that.

Jc "Teezie" Wooten said...

I loved those facts about you. I feel you on the traveling aspect. I only have several more states before I will have done all of the continental US. Next year I will finally hit another country.

And I agree with you on the mechanic thing. I know alot but I wish I could do more. LMAO. I love have discussions about cars with men. I had to tell D about how I change the oil in my car depending on the weather. He had never heard of that. LOL I know how to replace the alternator, radiator, radios, starter etc. I would love how to replace a whole engine etc.

BTW miss talkn to ya.