Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Late Breaking News!

I almost burned down my apartment! I put my lunch on the stove top, turned the burner on, walked away from it, then forgot about it. Well until I saw flames that is. Fortunately the only casualty was the pot my stuff was in. I now know that when there is a fire in my home the alarm will sound and this automatic chick says "fire, fire" over and over again. Pretty cool. Didn't know smoke detectors talked!

I have 3 exams left in my second module. 2 written and a take home. I am going to try to complete the take home by tomorrow night and turn it in Thursday even though it's due Friday. My 2 written exams are on Thursday so my plan is to have everything complete so I can make some money Friday and enjoy my week long break! YAY! My break won't be PT free due to the fact that I'll be doing extra credit pathophys assignments for mod 3. First day back I'm turning those suckas in! My Pathophys professor just threw up the chapters she's starting with in mod 3 so I will have them read and mostly understood by day 1. Think I'm playing?

The 2 most important classes (Anatomy 1&2 and Pathology/Physiology 1) are complete. If I calculated my grades right I have a B and a B+ respectively. I'll take that. Not the A's I was aiming for, but whatever. I am honest enough to say that I didn't give 100% all the time as far as studying was concerned. Anatomy 3 and Pathophys 2 continue fresh and new in mod 3 with the same professors, so by the end (in July) I hope to have A's or A-'s. No B's. My game has already been stepped up!

My father called me yesterday at work telling me that my step mother is dying. He lies all the time so I wasn't sure to believe it. I ended up talking to my step mother most of the night and into the morning about what's going on. This time my father wasn't lying. She has to decide to have this serious procedure that may or may not help her. This is HUGE. It hurts my heart to think about it because she is truly one of the sweetest people I know. She is the only reason I talk to my father. *sigh* I believe in miracles and I will not stop. Medical professionals are wrong all the time. So that's that. She will not die. She can't and she won't. Period.

I'll get to Lonely Dude eventually.


blkbutterfly said...

once upon a time, i almost set my grandmother's house on fire and it all surrounded around a lamp and a skirt...

good luck w/ your exams! sometimes i'd prefer an exam over all these papers we have to write.

That's right, God has the final say in your stepmother's life, not the doctor's.

Jameil said...

Glad you didn't burn your house down & glad your detectors work!! Your school drive is great! Very inspiring!! Big ehug for you and your stepmom.

Jc "Teezie" Wooten said...

Glad for smoke detectors. And good luck on your exams. I know you will do great! I loved your final say!

Slowly running ..... to put some batteries into her smoke detector

Freaky Deaky said...

I don't think you've lived unless you have at least one story of almost burning down your place. LOL.

That's a lot of tests. Hope you get them done within your ideal time frame.

Sorry about the bad news you got about your stepmom. Hope the procedure helps.

labellanoire said...

I've almost burned my house down and almost burned myself down (that's a whoooole 'nother story though). Glad your smoke detectors work, though.

Good luck with your exams. I just finished mine, and if I could do a backflip I would.

I hope all works out for your stepmom. Even with the best medical treatments, God always has the final say.

Thoughts of a Southern gal said...

I almost burned my place down just a couple of months ago. I took my baked chicken out of the oven. Put it on the stove. Turned on an "eye" but turned on the wrong one. I turned on the one with the baked chicken sitting in the pan. Burned my chicken up.

Good luck with your exams.

Hope everything works out with your stepmom.

AR Gal said...

Once I boiled some eggs, forgot about them and went to the store. When I came back they had exploded all in the kitchen. I was pissed but thankful that it didn't do more damage.

I hate to hear about your step-mom. I can tell by your posts about her that she is important to you. I'll say a pray for all of you.

LsbnMom said...

So, you know the info about the fire and stepmom should have been brought up last night, right?? LadyKat, L, and myself were shocked to hear. Fill us in when you have time. We all love you and support you ALWAYS! Sending hugs and prayers from "the girls!"