Friday, October 08, 2010

Hello, Good morning.

Blog! Yeah, I have one of those! LOL!

What's been going on my side of town? Nothing new really.

My cousin has found a place and will start to transition into it next week. Her new place has a washer/dryer set up already so guess who gets the set she has in storage? MEEEEEEEEE! I will kind of miss having a room mate (in a weird way) but I know she would like to have most of her belongings in one place and have a space to call her own. She is moving less than 10 miles away from me so it's not like she is going far. Smells like another local babysitter from time to time! Yippee!

Tonight me and a handful of classmates are having a girls night out. My pregnant classmate has been told to lay low and be stress free till the baby comes (due this month) so she has been bored out of her mind at home. We figured we'd try to hang out as much as we can before she is on 24/7 mommy duty. We are having Greek for dinner and going to see "Whatever it Takes" or whatever that movie is called. It's some chick flick with Fergie's husband in it. LOL! Pooka is coming with us and is very excited. I am just glad to be getting out the house. Studying all the time sucks!

Was supposed to meet with another blogger in the NC area this weekend, but my job called and wanted to know if I could work. Being that I am very broke right now (no food at the crib, 1/4 tank of gas, some bills haven't been paid type broke) I need to try my hardest to work every hour offered to me! *sigh* Again, one day soon I won't have to go this crap!

In other news, I am a hairy beast. Sad but true. So in an effort to degorilla my face I used this:

I followed the directions, placed the strip on my chin....and all hell broke loose. I guess I must have sensitive skin because it took no time for my face to react badly! *sigh* My skin is healing well, but the flaking scabs freeing themselves during class time makes me feel like a reptile! Ugh! I don't want to use anymore razors on my face because I don't like the results. Years ago I tried the Nair face cream and broke out so I left creams alone. I just want the hair gone before I wake up with a goatee!

School is school. Work is work. It feel like the harder I work, the less money I have. Today is a pay day but I can't be confident that my check will be in the mail when I get home this afternoon. Thankfully my classmates are treating or else I wouldn't be going out tonight. They are great! :-)

One day I will have an exciting personal life again. I have to remember that the sacrifices I am making today will provide a comfortable living for me and those around me in the long run.

I need a hug, a money tree, and a lose a million pounds quick treatment that won't hurt my body ASAP!

Till next time!


Jameil said...

Girl. The middle of the semester is kicking my BUTT!! I took the break I needed today.

GorgeousPuddin said...

Now see you poo poo'd the Jesus diet WWJE! LOL!

Glad you get to take a much needed break and have some fun!

Freaky Deaky said...

*wipes sleep out of my eyes* Ladynay is blogging? GTFOH! What did you do with the real Ladynay?

I'll give you a hug for the location of any money trees you may find. What?! I'm gonna find it anyway so you might as well tell me. Or else!

Congrats to your cousin. I'm sure someone at one of your three dozen jobs and counting will need a place to stay sooner or later. *smirk* You'll have a new roomie eventually.

Ugh, chick flick. You should go see Let Me In.

Don't know what to tell you about the hair. Most times I wish I could get rid of mine permanently.

You haven't written that letter to the postmaster yet? *pimp hand twitches* Do it and contact your work about it too.

AR Gal said...

Have fun this evening and at work tomorrow.

blkbutterfly said...

You should contact your job and let them know you're receiving your check late. They are legally obligated to pay you on time, even if it means mailing the check a few days earlier to ensure you get it. Contacting the post office is also a good idea, but at the end of the day, your employer has to ensure you receive it in time.

i feel your pain on the hair issue. My skin is quite sensitive, so Nair is out of the question. I tried it on my legs back in high school and they turned burned and turned bright red. I don't even want to imagine what would happen to my face. As far as the waxing goes, you may need to go to a professional, when your budget allows for it.

enjoy your night out!

Monique said...

(((hugs))) and hang in there!