Friday, September 03, 2010

Dear Ms. Blogger

I am chilling at Lsbnmom's watching the rugrats while she is getting much needed time away from her normal routine. I have vowed to not study anything today and catch up on ALL my leisure internet activity. I did not take me too long to catch up *sigh* At the moment I am sitting here wishing Snookums was around chilling with me :-( Saw him online but he was busy and neither one of us had too much to say. I need a Snookums hug in my life right now *sigh* Every video and picture I see reminds me of him or something he'd get a kick out this

Not sure what to do. Guess I'll just wrap up in my comforter nice and tight and try to take my butt to bed.

-Missing someone important


Freaky Deaky said...

So are you studying right this minute? Hope I don't have to bring out the belt and give you some motivation. Yes, I think Prince may have been right when he said the Internet is dead. Well, at least when it comes to blogs and Twitter. *sigh* So bored. :o(

Try to have some fun breaks in between hour after mind numbing hour of studying. :oD

Jameil said...

It's nice that you're giving her a break, but you need to do something to give YOU a break where you don't have to search for things not study-related.

AR Gal said...

And of course, my mind thought the naughty thing first when I looked at the picture.