Friday, September 10, 2010

Glass half full

I have not been blogging much and when I do I don't say much. Just know that I am ---> <--- this close to taking a fuckitol pill and throwing my hands up. I am getting a wee bit tired of trying to stay sane.

Today I went to my mailbox and my weekly check was not there like it usually is on Friday. I have less than a quarter tank of gas and had plans to attend a baby shower, 2 birthday parties and to go on campus to study some techniques. All that has been thrown in the trash.

I want to cry, but it won't do me no good.

Next blog entry will be positive.


K. Rock said...

Aww Naynay.It will get better. I have those days when I want to break down and cry too. it. And then wipe your tears and figure out how to get past it. Keep ya head up girl!!

Freaky Deaky said...

Sometimes it's good to just lose it. Well, as long as doing so doesn't send you to the hospital, morgue, or jail. Find something you need to throw out, take it outside, and break it up real good.


Jameil said...

:( I'm supposed to be out your way in two weeks for a conference.

AR Gal said...

A good cry goes a long way. :)

blkbutterfly said...

don't feel obligated to write a positive post. if things are frustrating right now, say it! that and shedding a few tears will make you feel better.