Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Still nothing going on for real for real, LOL!


Haven't blogged or read blogs in awhile so I am going to spend some time catching up after I jot down a few words.

So what has been going on?

Hmmmm. No communication with Snookums. We did exchange a couple of texts messages after all the bad weather hit, but that's about it. It sucks but out of my control.

I completed my second clinical rotation on the 26th and I love love love love love acute care and the location I did my rotation loved me! I wouldn't be surprised if that turns out to be my first job after getting licensed. Two other Elon grads already work there! One of the PT's is having a cookout on Saturday that I will be attending. I fit sooooo daggone well with them cats it's crazy! LOL!

During my rotation at the hospital I did encounter my first brush with racism. Long story short, I went in to do an evaluation of a patient and her husband was in the corner. He didn't say much of anything. I thought nothing of it. I did my thing and left. Came back the next day and the rehab manager pulls me and tells me that her husband put in a complaint against me the day before and when he went to investigate the white male husband told my white male manager that I was incapable of providing his wife with the services she needed because I was I was black. My manager asked him specifically what I did that wasn't to his liking. There was nothing. Then the husband asked if he could have a white male PT. My manager agreed. We as patients can choose our health care provider. If we don't like who we get we have the right to change it so I can't be mad. Just sucks that racism and all that is still alive and kicking. The couple wasn't that old either. I would put them in there late 50's early 60's. Oh well. I still love acute care!

This week I have off. I have been bored as hell. Pooka is back in school so she is gone most of the day. I have learned that my brain does not function right unless I have a million things to do. Oh Pooka had a great time with her father this summer. Plans are for her to go back next summer! YAY!

I picked another PRN (as needed) job at a group home kinda like my old weekend gig. I just need some money coming in.

On Tuesday I start my 3rd clinical rotation at a skilled nursing facility. This should be interesting.

Ummmmm what else? Oh! Went to the Jill Scott, Anthony Hamilton, Mint Condition, Dougie Fresh, and DJ Jazzy Jeff show last week. Great show! Dougie Fresh and Jazzy Jeff had everyone straight partying! Going to Myrtle beach weekend after next. Going to see Sade on 9/10. I am expecting a good show but on that chill, laid back, calm vibe. Going to see Jay Z and Kanye in October. Stomp in November. I type most of this out because I have been forgetting a lot lately. I really need to get back to having a bunch of stuff to do soon. LOL!

Welp, dats bout it!



blkbutterfly said...

uhm, ma'am it sounds like you have a LOT going on! :-)

Ladynay said...

Nah, I get back on the ball tomorrow :)