Tuesday, September 06, 2011

I love new teachers!

So as I am cleaning up and enjoying my last day off before my 3rd clinical starts I get a call on my cell from a local number that's not in my contacts. I pick up and it's Pooka's new art teacher. She was calling to tell me that 2 young men were throwing things in art class and Pooka was indirectly hit in the head with an eraser (the fairly soft black rectangle ones). She spoke for about 5 minutes about how she called the 2 boys parents, spoke with the kids again about the rules in the art room, how upset she was that Pooka got hit because she's so sweet and minds her own business, how she checked Pooka out and there was no lumps, how Pooka kept telling her she was okay...so forth and so on.
In my head I was like...you really called me just to tell me my child got hit with an eraser???? But I guess I would rather be called than not called *shrug* I expressed my thanks for her thoroughness and told her I was glad it was an eraser and not a pair of scissors. She agreed, talked a little more (she is a chatty one, the old art teacher that retired was too but not like this one) then finally ended the conversation.

I wonder how long the phone meetings will last with her? Hmmmmm. LOL! I love new teachers!

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