Monday, November 07, 2011


It's Monday, about 6am.
I will hit send, turn laptop off, wake the kid, wash my butt, dress and all that prepare for the day stuff, drop the kid off......*sigh* then begin day 1 of commuting back to school on the regular. Right at this moment I know exactly how Pooka feels on the 1st day of school after a long summer vacation! You are excited to see your friends you haven't seen in several months, yet the idea of being back in school is saddening. *insert toddler tantrum here* Iont wannago bacta sckool!!!!!!!

I just have to remember that after 5/25/12 my graded classroom work will be over...FOREVER!!!!!!


K. Rock said...

Hang in there. Almost there!

Jameil said...

LOL. You can do it!

blkbutterfly said...

keep on pushing! :-)

E said...

Is it 5/25/12 yet? :-)