Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Watch the throne!

10/28 was my last day at the skilled nursing facility and the end of my 3rd clinical rotation! I didn't cry but when I left I got a lot of hugs and kisses from patients and it made me sad. I swear 8 weeks just flew by! This week I had off and I have spent it cleaning...deep cleaning. I cleaned out my closets, washed EVERYTHING, took one of my old computers to the recycling center, fixed my garbage disposal (thanks to the internet), changed my room around as much as I could and took many, many, many, many naps! LOL! I threw away 3 pairs of shoes and all the socks and underwear I had that had holes or didn't have a match to it. Same thing with my earrings. I love silver hoops and some didn't have matches so the lonelies had to go! LOL!

I am not looking forward to the commuting back to campus nor the sitting in class all day long, but this is the LAST stint! From November to May (laced with breaks for the holidays) I got to do this classroom thing, then selectives, then my 6 month internship (which still hasn't been confirmed *sigh*) then I come back for a week for a board exam training class then on 12/9/12 I walk the stage and graduate! BAM! Can'!

Other than that things are cool. Pooka is great. She has been doing well academically and her report card comes on Friday. I must admit I am kinda anxious to see it!

Went to the Jay-Z and Kanye west concert. Greensboro was their second city on the tour. My grade? "B". Why? Well 2 things...first off, the show had a 7:30 start time and with no opening act they hit the stage almost 2 hours late!!!!!! FAIL!!!!!! The show itself was decent but the sound was wayyyyyy too loud! Yes, I realize this is a concert and concerts are loud, but it was so loud you could barely hear what they were saying! I spent most my time texting and facebooking my frustrations. One would think as detailed and peculiar Jay and Kanye come off to be, things would have been better. The next day I looked at some reviews online and they basically said the same stuff I was posting. Turns out they started 2 hours late during their opening show in Atlanta and the sound was crappy there too! Ugh!

Well at least I can say that I've seen Jay Z live and that I have brought 1 of baby Jayonce's diapers and a pair of shoe strings for Kanye! LOL

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E said...

So are you taking donated Halloween candy? I have way too much of the stuff.

Congrats on making it to the end of another milestone. You definitely made an impact at this SNF, hence your sadness from all those who appreciated you. Hang in're get that elusive internship. And Pooka will have a great report card.

By the way thanks for visiting my new blog. I was able to comment once I signed on with my google account. Once you select Comment as..and then enter your text, it should ask you for login. Then once you login, you can comment.