Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Happy New Year!!!!!!

Life is great right now!

Got my school loan check this week! This is good because this is when I go to my landlords and secure a roof over me and Pooka's head for a couple of months! Such a good feeling. I was going to pay off Mia but an emergency came up that I needed to take care of...then this morning when I went to get my oil changed the mechanic found a leak in the coolant housing *sigh*. A simple oil change turned into something more complex and expensive. BOOOOOOOO! The only WANT item I purchased was some sweat pants and a grande mint mocha from Starbucks!  So I call that great! It's amazing how fast I went from sort of baller to normal in less than 48 hours! hahahahaha

I have a 15 page paper to write. I've known about this paper for 5 weeks now. It is due next Thursday. I only have 3 pages complete. Today was my day to sit and and crank it out. I need time to shoot it to someone to make sure I wrote in English so the sooner I can pull it out my butt the better. I haven't even opened the document today. *smh*

The entire PT department is moving to a building down the road. In the process of this move I have almost doubled my professional library and obtained a coffee maker and microwave...FOR FREE!!!!!! Things like this makes my day I swear! :D

I brought in the New Year at Lsbnmom's house. We toasted, I kissed my youngin', I waited to see if Beyonce was going to perform, then I went to Lsbnmom's guest room and went to sleep! I worked until 10:30 pm Saturday night and had to be back at work at 8 am Sunday. Can you say holiday pay? When I got back to LM's house to get the kid there was a beautiful home cooked meal prepared and a house full of her loved ones present having a good time!

I am blessed beyond belief and I have absolutely nothing to complain about. Everything in my life that I don't care about is fixable and I am glad for the option to be able to change!

Happy New Year!


Jameil said...

Please don't read this comment until you've written AT LEAST 5 more pages!! I'm so glad life is great for you! Aren't pro libraries the best?? I love them! I put books I want on my Amazon wish list and I get them for my birthday and Christmas. Tis great!

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

I could've sworn I commented on this post. Happy New Year!!! I cracked at from Baller to Normal. I'm so about to be about that student life myself.

I don't know if you participate but...TAG you're it! stop by my blog and check out my post. Hope you finished your paper and got it in on time and earned an A+ :)