Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I've been tagged

My blog is screaming for something new and Ms. Gorgeous Pudding over on the right tagged me giving me something to blog about. Right on time! I am supposed to keep the chain going...but I am not. LOL! I suck, yeah I know! :oP I am supposed to answer her 11 questions so here it is:

1. Are you currently doing what you want to do in life?
I am in the process of my dream career so I will say yes.

2. What is your absolute favorite way to have fun?
Cranking up some great music and dancing. I.LOVE.IT!

3. How many siblings do you have and what birth order are you?
I am an only child biologically. I have an 17 or 18 year old sister from my father's 2nd marriage and an 11 year old brother and 9 year old sister from his 3rd marriage (that is in the process of divorce). Give or take a year on their ages, LOL!

4. What's your fantasy car.
I don't really have one. I sat and thought about it and nothing in particular comes to mind. Hmmmmmmm

5. Where is the last place you vacationed?
What is a vacation? LOL! I guess going to MD to hang with my mom and company will have to count. Other than that I went to Myrtle Beach for my 30th birthday almost 2 years ago...wow, I must do better. That fact is sad, LOL!

6. Do you wear jewelry and do you prefer gold or silver!
I don't really wear much jewelry. If I do it's a pair of silver or white gold hoop ear rings. That's about it. I subconsciously take jewelry off. No joke.

7. What's the best thing you've ever eaten?
Coffee ice cream....OMG! It is my weakness! *sigh*

8. What colors is your bathroom decorated with?
My bathroom is brown, tan, and blue...I really want to change it up and make it look all pretty but I have yet to get my interior decorating mojo going.

9. How often do you exercise?
I walk the trail every chance I get. Being that I picked up more hours at work I have been sporadic with it, but I do walk around the block with one of the residents every Sunday so that counts for something I guess. I refuse to buy a gym membership. Pooka and I have started going to the indoor pool on Fridays (so far we've been twice) as part of our bonding time. So, I guess the answer would be...here and there :)

10. Do you want children? If you have children do you want more?
Hmmmmmmm, the honest answer is I don't know. Some days I do, most days I don't. I would strongly prefer not to be a single mother of two or more. I don't think I can handle it. I know it's not good to assume the relationship with the father will not work out, but I don't know if I want to take the chance of bringing another life to the world and not being able to give it what it needs and taking even more time away from Pooka. It's just not fair.

11. What is your least favorite food? If you had to eat it for 1 month for a million dollars could you?
The first thing that came to mind was liver...of any animal! I just can't get with it no matter how the best cooks prepare it. Just not my thing...unless I am getting paid a million for eating it a for a month...then I just have to suck it up, pinch my nose and make it do what it do! Hey, it's only a month! LOL!

Thanks for the tag Gorgeous Pudding!


Gorgeous_Puddin said...

Glad you participated!! I learned some interesting things about you!
I have to agree with you on liver! Blech! My bathroom used to be your colors now it's brown and vanilla. It's so great that you are doing what you want with your life! Music! YAS!

Anonymous said...

My grandmother would try to get me to eat liver when I was younger. I tried it once and that was it for me; I thought it was disgusting.