Saturday, February 18, 2012

What it do boo?

For some reason that question makes me laugh. It has nothing to do with whatever this blog is going to be about. Well, I guess because I am just blogging off the top of my head and don't really have a topic in mind. Hence the title being the first thing that came to mind :)
What's been going on in my slice of reality? The group home I used to work for called me one night asking if I could fill in for someone. I was shocked. I haven't worked for that company in about a year. I assumed I didn't work there since they had not been calling me to fill in. *shrug* What make it funny was that the manager called me at about 10pm wanting me to be the house at 11pm. Ummmmmmm no! Then she had the nerve to have an attitude and be short with me. I am sorry. You have been in this position for many years now. You know that part of your job description is to try to find someone to fill in a shift when someone calls out, no matter what time it is! Don't get mad cuz you calling the bottom of your list of part time substitutes and nobody can help you therefore you gotta get your butt out the bed and fill that shift. THAT'S YOUR JOB BOO BOO! Whatever.

My current group home gig is going okay. This company runs things 110% better than the old company. Unfortunately, like most group home type places, the turn around is high. Most people that work where I do are UNC students and students come and go like the wind. Right now my only mandatory shift is on Sundays, but since one coworker left to pursue a position that is closer to her field of study and my shift leader had to leave due to medical necessity I have been picking up hours here and there. I try not to pick up too many because Pooka has told me that she wants more of my time so she will have it. Period.

School is sorta kinda What I mean by that as of this past Wednesday at noon, 2/15, I have completed all my GRADED course work for PT school EVER! We have 4 modules left: 4 weeks of pediatrics and clinical decision making, 4 weeks of geriatrics and a business type course for those that may want to open a clinic, 6 weeks of specialities (I picked the neuro course), 24 weeks of internship at Duke medical center, then 12/9/12 around 2:30pm or so...GRADUATION!!!!! Everyone keeps saying how fast the 3rd year goes and I am starting to believe it. I still can't believe a school let me in and I actually did pretty well in the program! I can't believe that a year from now I could be starting my career and not just working a million jobs. I hear that the board exam to get my license isn't a joke and it's a 5 hour test that will drain me mentally. I sooooooo looking forward to that....NOT! LOL! Anyways, I am just happy to know that I won't be tested on things I learn from here on out. One of my professors told me to treat these next few months like continuing education courses, make the most out of the experience, and that at this point in the game I already know everything I need to know to be a successful PT even though I may not feel like it (which I don't), LOL!

Pooka is good. She tests for her high red belt in Tae Kwon Do today. Every facility has a different belt system, so the belt Pooka will test for today is two away from black belt which is always the last color no matter where you are. After high red there is deputy black then black. I am glad we were able to find an activity that she absolutely loves! The place she goes is amazing and everyone there is like family. I am very fortunate to have an organization like that in Pooka's life. They look out for her a lot and it's genuine care. As far as school she is all B's. She used to be B+'s and A's. We are working on getting her back to where she was.

Next school year she is going to middle school. *sigh* I will be the mother of a middle schooler! *sigh again* To say I am not ready is an understatement. I am not really sure if Pooka is ready for it. Middle school is a different world from elementary school! So much transitioning going on with that population of children. Fortunately many people from Pooka's Tae Kwon Do school already attend the middle school and will still be there next year so Pooka already has friends there that can help her out if she needs it. One of her best friends goes to the school and they are soooooooooooooooo excited to be going to the same school next year. That's I keep hearing about from the both of them! It's cute.

Well that is what is going on in my world. Let me catch up on yours :)


Jc "Teezie" Wooten said...

Thanks for the update LadyNay! I have been wondering what you have been up to. Sameo sameo here.

Jameil said...

Hmm... when I don't work for over a year and you call me out of the blue... yeah... LOL She was funny in that situation! CONGRATULATIONS FOR FINISHING CLASS WORK!!! I'm SO excited for you!!

Newy said...

Hey! Just stopping by to give you a wave. Glad things are going well.

E said...


Omgosh that me laugh so hard. But I feel you on that statement.

Wow...and you're almost at the finish line with your edumacation. Very nice. If you have a graduation party next year you should let me know, I'll fly down for it.