Sunday, December 14, 2014

This is me

I have always loved myself. My self esteem fluctuates, but I have always loved and continue to love me. But the weirdest thing happened earlier tonight. I took this selfie (Random fact: I take selfies all the time, but delete them pretty much right after I take them)

There is no filter. The room is illuminated by a lamp only hence the tenting. But anywho...I took this selfie and when I looked at it, I couldn't stop staring. This is me. Chilling at the crib, hair down, laid back, very basic.....and very beautiful. As I looked at myself, the opinions of others did not matter. Not that I am aware of the negative comments of other people, but even if I did, they would not matter. Tonight I feel like the beautiful queen that I am.

I am not drunk or under then influence of anything.

I just wish I can feel this way everyday.


benvin willson said...

I really liked your thoughts of not caring about comments of others. You know I have different colored eyes and people always say negative things about that. But their comments don’t matter for me. I love my eyes.

Ladynay said...

I think having different colored eyes is pretty unique and awesome! Why be boring like anyone else right? :)