Saturday, January 10, 2015

Where I'm at with the whole weight thing

At my heaviest, I weighed in at 436.6. I got to go back to that to remind myself of where I came from. :) On January 4th, after all the wonderful things that comes with the holidays I weighed in at...

That is a 56.2 pound loss! I will take it! :) I managed to enjoy my holidays and not gain weight! Wooooooooo! I am sure having the flu for the first time in my life helped some, but a win is a win in my book! *insert stir that soup dance here*

Even though Sunday is my officially "weigh in" day with myself and my food diary...I stepped on the scale at work this morning and it said 376.0! Wooooooooo!

The women at my job are starting to notice my weight loss now and a couple have asked me for my secret. When I tell them I watch what I eat by journal-ling and I move more, they don't like that answer. I don't know what to tell them.

Today a male friend of mine asked me how much I weighed. Since I am more open with my weight I told him 376 (which would be a 60lb loss, but I am not counting today's hop onto the scale), He refused to believe me *Kanye shrug* I guess I carry it well. I don't know. He initially said he had a reason for asking me. He has yet to explain why he asked *Kanye shrug again*

What I do know that I like the way this whole process is going. I really feel in my gut that this is it, this is the time I will drop the weight and stay at a maintenance level when I feel and look like I've hit my goals! This is very exciting!

My clothes are FINALLY starting to get baggy and I am more comfortable in standard seats! Like now, I am at the library near my place. In the past, I used to trade the computer chairs that have arms for a chair without arms, just for hip space and comfort. Right now I am in the standard chair and I am okay! This is soooo amazing! Sooner or later I will have extra space in this chair! Can't wait!

Another thing I have noticed is when I am driving. I used to be able to lift my heels and drive with my legs without issue. I tried to drive with my legs and was taken a back when I had to literally lift my legs to reach the wheel to drive with my legs! My wheel and seat position hasn't changed so the change was ME!!!! I was soo tickled. It's the little things, I swear!

Do you really want to know what I am waiting for? If not, I am gonna type it anyways, LOL! I am waiting for the day that one of my male friends or associates mentions my weight loss. That is when I will know for sure that society can tell a difference in my physical appearance. Yeah, yeah, yeah...this journey is about and for me and I shouldn't care what others think. However, I have been working hard and I want to know that others can see how hard I've been working. Most women notice the smallest changes in appearance, most men don't. That's why I want a male to say something to me about it, LOL! Just being honest.

My boss at my main job came close in a round a bout way. For Christmas, my aunt gave me 2 new pair of scrubs. I wore my new gear to work and my boss was like "it's been a long time since you've worn scrubs, looking good." Now please understand that the comment was not presented in a harassing or flirting type of way nor was the comment stated to say that what I normally wear to work was shoddy or bad looking. With the new outfit, he could see the changes...I just wish he would have said it out right, LOL!

Okay, enough of that!



blkbutterfly said...


And you're right, men can rarely accurately gauge women's weight, bra size, etc. So, yes, when a man who you know intimately finally notices, then yes, that's something to celebrate. A milestone.

Happy new year, Ladynay! Sounds like you're off to a great start!

Freaky Deaky said...

I'll have you know I'm fairly good at gauging bra sizes but most men of a certain age and IQ are smart enough to leave a woman's weight alone. Chances are the reaction won't be good regardless.

I'ma need you to text me some pics or it didn't happen. What?!

I swear your captcha is trying to torture me. I've hit refresh about a dozen times and still can't make any of them out past the first few letters of each word. Can I get a math problem or something? LOL.