Monday, February 02, 2015

Daily Blogs again?

I really want to try.

I was curious about when a certain event happened in my life. I was blogging daily when the event happened and I remembered blogging about it! I just re read that blog entry and I am soo happy that I blogged about the experience.

So I started looking up other stuff.

In 2007, I said, "I am afraid I'll do all this work to get my degree then not use it or have a chance to use it. I am even more afraid of not giving myself the chance to see what will happen with the degree."

I wasn't even talking about Therapy School in that entry! I wish my now self could reach out to the Ladynay that was typing that old entry and tell her..."Hey girl! You are gonna make it! You are gonna to cry a lot and do some things you said you'd never do, but in the end, you make it! Just keep swimming!"

I wonder what the Ladynay of 2020 would tell the Ladynay typing this entry right now?


Anywho, all that to say. I want to really try and get back to daily entry's. I know I will want to re read some of these in the future. :)

Current thoughts:

Today was a day of twists and turns. Mom had an appt. at 9. She wasn't seen till 11:30. They want her to come weekly on Tuesdays. That's not going to happen. I told them I can get her there once or twice a month. I will see how this pans out.

I really have been dieting all my life. During my scan through my old blog entries, I saw one when I was beginning my weight loss journey all over again! "This is it...after this last sleeve of girl scout cookies" smh!  I hate that I didn't subliminally post my weights back then cuz I would love to know what I was around those times. As of this past Sunday, I am at:

That is 63.8 pounds down from my heaviest recorded weight. Today was my very first "fall off day" I had Popeyes for lunch, a blue berry and creme pie, a swiss roll, and 2 rice crispy treats. My stomach as cursed me out, horribly. LOL! I have already forgiven myself for today's food choices. ONE bad day nutrition wise will not send me back to 436.6, several bad days will! Plus, we are training for the TKD tournament for the next month so I will be burning extra calories this week. I'm good :)

That's all I got! Goodnight! Hope I get into the rhythm of blogging regularly again *fingers crossed*

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