Thursday, February 05, 2015

Broken tooth

As I was on my way home I noticed that one of my molars were broken. I wasn't eating anything and I didn't have anything really crunchy today, so I have no real clue as to how or when I broke it. I really need to go to the dentist. There is soo much work that needs to be done in my mouth, including a dental implant. I have been paying into my dental insurance for a year and a half now so I really need to stop playing and get 'er done soon.

I developed a bad habit of popping and repopping the pores of my right breast. I hate it, and so does the fella I've been sleeping with. He doesn't say it, but he won't go near it, LOL! I can't be mad, if I was a dude and I saw what I had going on, I wouldn't touch/kiss/lick/suck it either :(

I tried the new red velvet oreos! They are good, but I am glad they are out of my home.

I am also getting new furniture soon. I think I mentioned that already. What I didn't mention is that when I left the furniture store. The associate that was helping me wrote something down on his business card before giving it to me. I didn't look at the card until this morning. The printed card had all the standard business info including phone and fax number. The associate added the days he is off and his cell phone number. Now, I get why he would put down the days he is off. I am pretty sure he works for a commission and when you have someone about to make a big purchase you want your name on that paper so you can get paid. I get that. But why put the cell number? I looked up the number online just to make sure it wasn't an alternate number for the business, and it's not. It's a cell phone number. Why give me that? Did he give me his number on the low low? I don't know, LOL!



blkbutterfly said...

Was the sales guy cute? If so, name and claim it! LOL! I once had a doctor in urgent care write down his cell number on the prescription. I didn't know what to make of it either since I was there for a pretty minor issue and wouldn't need to follow up with him.

The same thing happened to one of my molars years ago while eating a slice of pizza. I was very hard headed and didn't get it addressed. That tooth has since been removed, when a cap would have fixed the problem early on... now I gotta save up for an implant. I say all of that to say, please get that tooth addressed. :-)

Ladynay said...

He was average. He didn't catch my eye or nothing while he was helping me. Did you call dude from the urgent care? If so, what happened?

I am working on getting all my dental work done. *sigh*