Friday, February 06, 2015


As I picked Pooka up from TKD. She hugged one of her friends while saying goodbye.

"Don't forget to follow back." Her freshly hugged friend said.

I sharply looked at her and asked, "follow what?" (I knew what she meant.)

Pooka shrugged her shoulders.

I gave her my motherly "Don't ***k with me" look. "Follow.WHAT"


"You have a twitter account?"

*hangs head* "Yes"

"Since when?"


Long story short. We had the social media talk. I didn't make her shut it down because a 13 year old Ladynay would just open a new we let her keep the account. We being her father and I. Her and her father now follow each other. She claims that is the only social media site she has...we will see.

I am not ready for my Pooka to enter the social media world *sigh*


Freaky Deaky said...

So you finally going to get a Twitter? Better start doing the Google search for her government name and user name now. Don't forget to go through her phone like the police. At least she's not on Whisper or Snapchat.

Ladynay said...

Not unless I need to get one. Right now I don't. I have already googled her :) So far, so good. I have never heard of Whisper. A few people have mentioned snapchat.