Tuesday, February 03, 2015


This post is full of TMI. You have been warned.

My period started yesterday. It stopped 14 days ago. The 13 days in between were nice.

Menstrual cramps suck.

I want to lie in bed all day.

Today will be a better day.

Hate taking drugs, but can't really be productive today without them.

I took yesterday off and I need my PTO for my traveling in the near future.

22 days and I will be on a long bus ride to TX!

I am bleeding like I've been shot in the uterus.

I don't want to go to work.

I love taking large BMs. I like the thought of my body getting rid of waste.  I love that light on your feet feeling afterwards.

This morning, it smelled different, in a bad way. It was all the junk and fried stuff I ate coming out.

I can't believe I ate all that crap.

Today is a better day.

I want to cry.

Do I really have to go to work.

I want a hug.

Good morning.

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