Thursday, February 26, 2015

Tales from the Greyhound

Well, the font on my phone looks huge when I blog. I hope it looks normal on a computer, lol!

Anywho, I started my journey to TX last night. As I was on my way to the station, the snow began. We drove through the whole storm and it was very scary! The first driver was rude, but he got me to my first pit stop safely.

Power went out at my place around 330am. Pooka was scared and called her father after she called me. He wanted to play super hero and actually wanted me to arrange one of her friends families to meet him half way to go get her...ummmmmmm nah, I am not telling nobodies parent or guardian to go out in bad weather because my child is anxious for some reason about being without power for awhile.

 As far as the bus trip. Its okay. Right now the driver is showing signs of fatigue. The bus is cold because she is trying to keep herself up for these last 40 miles to Atlanta. This young female passenger with a halter top and leggings on (literally) asked the driver to turn the heat on because she was cold. Imagine that, lol! When the driver explained why she had the temp low, 73 degrees Fahrenheit, the passenger said, "that's not fair!!!!!!" I wanted to laugh at the passenger. Yes, it is a tad nippy on the bus, but I rather have a cold bus than a sleeping bus driver! Little miss no clothes on in the winter time will just have to suck it up! LOL!


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