Saturday, February 28, 2015

We are getting old

Yesterday was fun. Lots if food, alcohol, love and laughter. My home girl showed me how to make enchilada casserole (yummy).

Right now I'm blogging from one of the guest bedrooms. My homegirl's house is amazing! It definitely gives me a glance into things I would want in my own house, if I ever do the mortgage thing.

One thing I find funny is that we were all sleep by midnight! A bunch of late 20s to mid 30 years olds on a girls weekend asleep by midnight! SMH...we old! LOL

I just heard one of my home girls turn the shower on. Guess we will be slowly starting our day soon. I have no clue what the plan is and I really don't care. Long as I get more time with these ladies. The Lord only knows when we all will be able to be together again. One friend is getting married at the end of the year, but its around the time that another friend is expected to have her baby, so that not be the time the WHOLE crew gets together again *shrug*

This trip has been bad for my health. I intentionally dehydrated myself during that long bus ride so I would not have to pee on the bus. I am NOT making that mistake on the way back tomorrow (just got a little sad knowing we are going back to our individual lives tomorrow :( ) but I can tell that my body is dehydrated and I don't like it. Then add on the delicious food and alcohol calories I consumed, smh....No wonder my girls can't tell that I lost 80+ pounds. I won't lie, I was looking forward to their reaction to my weight loss, but there wasn't one. I can't visually see the change that others do...and I guess they can't either *sigh* Maybe next time they will notice.


blkbutterfly said...

First of all, are you blogging on the regular again?! I stopped by and see all these posts from last month!

My friends from college and I take a yearly trip together, so I know exactly how you feel.

As far as the weight loss, maybe they didn't want to comment and potentially embarrass you? I don't them, so that's just a guess. Congrats on the 80 lb weight loss!

Ladynay said...

Yes ma'am. Fairly regular :)

It's a beautiful thing to have.

I dunno :( Thanks lady! There is more to come!