Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Que pasa?

Ever since I went on vacay, I have not been eating right and drinking more wine/alcohol than water. I have forgiven myself for it and I am going to be back on track as of this second. I did gain a few pounds on my trip, but it won't get me down. I enjoyed myself, but it's time to get back on the normal blood pressure train! Woot woot!

Pooka has her first boyfriend. Like talk on the phone every afternoon, "can I invite him to the movies", we are taking better care of our appearance when we go to school....type boyfriend. I am not ready, Lord! LOL!

I did my taxes. For the first time ever....I OWE!!!!!! Hurts me to my heart!

Today a male patient commented on my weight loss! After these last few days of worry free consuming, that gave me the extra pep to get back on my grind!

Once my right knee heals properly, I am going to do the P90X program again. About 2 years ago, a coworker (at that time) had burned a copy of the 10 disc exercise program and gave it to me. I went through a couple of the discs randomly, not knowing there was an order to them. Then I gave up. LOL! I really want to sculpt the muscles inside while I lose the fat outside, so when the 2 meet in the middle...KAPOWYOW! LOL!

I also want to jog the Walk for.Hope this year in October. I have been going for the last several years to volunteer our time and to walk. They raise money for Mental Illness. There are 3 routes: a one mile, 5k, and 10k. Most years I would do the mile and call it a day. Last October, I attempted to walk the 5k...but ended up walking the 10k route by mistake. I wonder if I blogged about that? LOL! It took me forever to finish that daggone walk!!!!! LOL!


blkbutterfly said...

I've only owed once before and I still remember how painful it was.

Pooka.has.a.boyfriend?! She's growing up so fast.

LOL at you accidentally doing the 10K. I walked a 5K with some friends back in the summer. It started very early in the morning, so we beat the TX heat. I really enjoyed it and was surprised that it wasn't as long of a distance as I originally thought.

Ladynay said...

Owing sucks booty!

I am not ready for Pooka to learn life lessons that come with dealing with the male human species :(

Don't you feel accomplished when you complete a distance walk/jog/run?