Sunday, January 29, 2017

Hello Pooka!

Funny story. I was talking to Pooka after TKD stuff Saturday afternoon (it is a tad after 2am Sunday) and she asks me a random question. The answer required me to tell her I had a blog. To which she responded....

"Through these brown eyes"

I was floored for a moment then asked how she knew. Apparently, she saw me working on a post one day and the rest was history!

Such an ackward moment.

But fortunately the kid and I have a great relationship and she is old enough to know more about her mother. So the ackwardness in my mind faded quickly.

So just in case she just so happens to read this post.

Hello Pooka! Yes, this is your code name and you will be my Pooka Poot forever. I love you!


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