Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Has it really been a week?

Wow! One whole week since I've blogged. Can't say it's because nothings been going on.

I need to get my van inspected by my birthday this Friday or they gonna come take it. Part of me wants to say F it and let them take it.

My place is a mess and it's because I'm being lazy.

The ants are still around.

I've gained weight. I have officially reached the "I'll never allow myself to weigh XXX" mark. It was kinda depressing. Let me stop, it was more than depressing. But I can't say I didn't earn the weight cuz I've been eating like crazy then sleeping to top it off. Snookums and I decided to get right together. We both could stand to treat our bodies better than we've been doing. I hope I can stay motivated long enough.

Went to see the Dark Knight. Well worth the money. Many people are talking about Heath Ledgers role as Joker and how he needs an Oscar. I agree wholeheartedly with them and not because he is dead. He really did act the hell out of that part. The voice, the mannerisms, everything.....

Haven't really decided what I want to do for my birthday. I've been spending almost as much as I've been eating on the devils plastic and I am soooooooo scared to look at my balance at the moment. I may have to use my check next week to help get me back on track.

Babydaddy and I set up a child support without the use of the government. The first payment was supposed to hit last Friday. It didn't. I called BD and he said the money was supposed to be there. I called the bank and after one rude woman in there call center hung up on me *deep inhale, deep exhale* another male call center rep explained what happened. It's minor so we are in the process of making it right.

One of my best friends called, actually twice in a few days which is abnormal. He's not in the best of moods and not currently living in the best of situations. I wish there was more I could do to help :-(

I found and lost a physics tutor. I found her online and met with her and her engineer fiance. Very intelligent people. After the first meeting to see if they will be able to help me I felt that they could. So 2 days after our initial meeting I emailed her to set up the next appointment. I got a response that she was dealing with a family emergency and she'd keep me posted. So far I haven't heard anything and it's been a few days. Being that this is an accelerated class a few days is a LONG time, so I am not going to bother emailing her to see what's going on. I just need to get back on the study ball and do the best I can on my own. The last week or so I've been unmotivated in studying, just like everything else.

I didn't get the job at the hospital. Guess when the top dog offers you a job twice and in front of people it doesn't really mean anything :-( To say my feelings were hurt would be an understatement. I lost it to an older woman who already worked for the hospital. I chalked it up to the fact that they knew I'd be leaving if I got into PT school next year and this older woman would be working there until she got tired of working. Her potential longevity was a plus for her. *shrug* I had plans A, B, and C worked out for months. I pushed away plan B because they wanted me to start right then. I've been dragging plan C out waiting for the word from plan A. Now that plan A is officially a no go I've been aggressively pursuing plan C. Now I get the feeling I've dragged C out a bit to long.

Guess I need to explain this better...

A is the hospital. B is the private clinic I volunteered for. C is the private clinic down the street from my home. While waiting for an official word from the hospital I emailed C. C got back to me immediately wanting to set up an interview. I dragged out responding to him because I didn't wanna waste his time if I was going to be starting the hospital soon. I laid out my schedule for him and asked if he had something for me. Few days later he said yes and that another branch in a city or 2 over also may be hiring and that if I wanted he'd pass my info. I don't wanna work in that city but my options are few at the moment so I told him that I'd basically prefer the location down the street from me but to send my resume to whomever is hiring. I wait a few days and email the guy and ask what my next step is. He emailed me back asking if I still wanted an interview. I said HELL YEAH! *all this emailing back and forth was in professional language btw*So far he has not responded. He is normally on the ball with emailing me back so I am worried.

It will all work out the way it's supposed to but I hate that my life is uncertain at the moment.

P.S. I am still doing the ask questions thing and plan to respond to my questions Monday. Thanks again for the emailed and commented questions :-) There is still time to ask more if you think of some. *wink*


AR Gal said...

I've heard from more than a few that the Dark Knight is the bomb! I wanted to but just wasn't in the mood to sit in the theater. We'll probably go check it out this weekend.

That sucks about the tutor. Just keep on keeping on though 'cause you know that I know that you know that I know you're gonna get an A. :-)

It seems like the some of the dumbest and rudest people are usually the ones that end up serving the public. *sigh*

I'm glad to read the BD is helping out. I'm sure that extra $$ will come in handy.

thatgirl said...

I agree with you. I saw the Dark Knight last night and it was so good and that's not even normally the type of movie that I go for. Also, it's not bad that you hadn't blogged in a week, hell, I hadn't blogged in a year...so, you still doing better than me.

Kasandra said...

DARK KNIGHT IS THE SHIZNIT!!! I went and saw it on Sunday...awesome movie. Girl I know about dragging around, I've been doing that myself. But it will pass. Glad to hear BD is helping, that's ALWAYS a plus. Hope everything works out for you.

blkbutterfly said...

NC really comes and takes your vehicle if the inspection isn't done?

i feel you on the place looking a mess. mine is in the same state, for the same reason.

i'm sorry to hear about the hospital situation. i'm sure things will work out w/ the other options.

good to hear you all were able to work out a situation w/o the govt. getting involved.

Ladynay said...

Nikki, LuvinMe and ThatGirl comes out of the grave...now BB is putting up pics! What is the world coming to??????????? LOL!

ArGal, yeah I suggest you and Z go check it out. I am not a big movie person but DK is worth regular ticket price.

No A in sight. I got a 49 on my first test and a 63 on the second. There are 3 more test so even if I busted 100's on the last 3 I wouldn't get an A.

OMG! I was hot for a minute after I realized that broad hung up! *eyeroll*

When the daycare fees went up I had to make something happen. I am just happy things moved smoothly up until Friday, but that bump is minor. :-)

TG, yeah I need to read why you dropped off the planet! You get married or something? LOL! How many passwords attempts did you make before getting in? LOL!

Kasandra, I'm sure we both need to stop dragging and handle business.

Everything will work out simply because it has to.

Ladynay said...

My mind thought I responded to BB already...my bad!

Nice pic lady! I wasn't expecting to ever see what you looked like.

We need to find some mo-ti-va-tion and get our places right ASAP!

I am trying not to stress over it even though I find myself talking about it a lot which is a sign it's heavy on my mind. I didn't think I'd have to plan for D, E, and F along with A, B, and C.

Now that we got the plan I wonder how long it will last...hmmmmmmmmm

Ladynay said...

And just cuz I forgot to mention it...

BB, the people who own the property will have "illigal vehicles" towed that are on their property. I got my warning on my windsheild last week to take care of my sticker or else. *eyeroll*

JayBee said...

i so hate this inspection stuff, but when in rome...hopefully you and snookums can keep each other motivated. with all the hype about heath's role, i think i wanna check it out myself. you know, just so i can put the JayBee seal of approval on it. how do you set up child support that doesn't involve the government? when i first read that i was thinking it was on some 'give me $xx every month and i won't file child support on you.' but you mentioned calling the bank so that sounds more structured. get yo study on before it's too late. i would have been sooo disappointed in the dude for acting like he wanted me and then changing his mind later. don't worry about the lack of communication from the dude. what's going to be will be.

Ladynay said...

Go check it out and put whatever stamp on it that you see fit.:-)

Without going into too much detail about me and BD's agreement. I'll just say it involves automatic payroll deduction. It's a beautiful thing.

I know I need to brush all this job mess off and let whatever happens happen, but sometimes it's easier said than done.